Water Supply

In Nagapattinam Municipality whole town limit mostly covered water supply through more than two water supply schems from Vettar river source at Odachery,  i.e Old and New Schemes. Water Supply distributed daily two hours.

Details of Water Supply Schemes

Old Water Supply Schemes
Source Vettar river and TWAD (Kollidam CWSS)
Year of implementation 1914 and 2008
Location of Head Works Odacherry and Kollidam
Size and length of pumping main 15” CI Pipe 15 km, 600mm dia DI Pipe 65 Km
Number of Overhead tank 13
Overhead Tank capacity 5 Numbers 73.00 lakhs liter
Motor running hours per day 20 hours
Quantity of water distribution per day 7.50 MLD (2.00 from Own Source + 5.50 from TWAD
Quantity of water distribution per Capita 73 LPCD
Population Benefited 102905
Number of House Service Connections 9049
Frequency of Water Supply 2 hrs daily
Length of distribution pipe 115 Kms
Number of Hand Pump 162 Nos.
Number of public fountains 660 Nos.

New Water Supply Scheme for Nagapattinam Municipality was taken up from 11 nos. of Deep Borewells and the work was executed by the TWAD Board at an estimate cost of 1140.00 lakhs. Out of 11 nos. of Borewells, now we got drinking water from 7 no. of borewells. Other borewells water are changed to salt water. The collected water is being pumped by 3 no. of pumping station situated at Kurukathi, Andipalayam and Soloman Park. The scheme has been handed over to this municipality for maintenance with effect from 1998.

New Water Supply Schemes
Year of implementation 1998
Estimate Cost of Scheme 1140 lakhs
Location of Head Works Kurukathi and Andipalayam
Size and length of pumping main 16 Kms
Number of Overhead tank 3
Overhead Tank capacity 3 Numbers 35.00 lakhs liter
Quantity of water distribution per day 35 MLD
Quantity of water distribution per Capita 67 LPCD

Details of Head Work Station and Booster Station of Motors

Location Quantity in Number Horse Power
Pumping Station :
Odachery 1 40
Kurukathi 1 40
Andipalayam 1 20
Soloman Park 2 30
Borewells :       
Koothoor 1 40
Pattamangalam 1 10
Errvancherry 1 12.50
Radhanallur 1 10
Karuppor 1 12.50
Adiakkamangalam 1 10
Semangalam 1 10