Solid Waste Management

The municipality of Nagapattinam includes the town of Nagapattinam and Nagore. The cleaning work is divided into four divisions Nagore is a division and the other three is New Bus stand,  Big Bazaar street and Old Bus stand (Near Nagapattinam Railway Junction in Nagapattinam town.

Average Garbage Generated per person per day is 500g So, estimated quantity of Waste Generated per day in Municipal Area is 55MT

Man Power : 

Sanitary Division 4
Sanitary Inspectors 4
Sanitary Supervisors 14
Sanitary Workers Permanent 96 + Outsourcing 145

Conservancy Vehicle :

Sullage Vehicle Ashok Leyland 1 No.
Tipper Lorry 4 Nos.
Compactor Lorry 2 Nos.
LCV 8 Nos.
Battery Operated Vehicle 14 Nos.

Information education, communication activities and Achievements :

Garbage Collection – Bio-Degradable – 65% and Non Bio-degradable are Glass, Rages – 15% and plastic – 10%.

Awareness :

Propaganda through Pamphlets and  Posters advertisement. Inter personal communications through self help Groups and Elected Members. The steps have been taken for the improved of awareness among the the people regarding sources segregation of bio-degradable and Non-bio degradable. Painting of Conservancy Vehicle. The body of the conservancy vehicles used for lifting the garbage having been painted red color for non-degradable and green color of bio-degradable.

Door to Door Collection :

Door to Door collection have been implemented with effect form 1.12.2001 of 10 wards with the joint efforts of Exnora Groups and now it is in progress.

Night Sweeping :

Night Sweeping with Garbage collection have been implemented with effect from 20.3.2001 and it is in progress. It has been extended to implement in the area with effect from 1.6.2004 Azadh Market,  Main Market,  yadhava Street, Old Bus stand, Neela West Street and  New Bus Stand.

Privatization :

Action being taken to implement the privatization of Garbage collection and Management in 12,13,14,15,16,17,20 wards at Nagore Area for which the Council resolution passed.

Identity Cards :

Identity cards have been issued to all Public Health Staff.

Compost Yard :

The Compost Yard is situated near BYKARA. Total Area of the compost Yard is 13.99 Acres. Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board have been issued N.O.C. for Solid waste management. The Primary collection of Garbage is collected through Conservancy Vehicles and dumped in the Compost Yard. Steps have been taken to implement the manufacturing of Vermi-Compost. Addition Land have been identified nearby existing Compost Yard for ensuring year 2025.

Future Plans in Solid Waste Management :

  • Home Compost
  • Improvement in Door to Door collection and source segregation
  • Improvement of Slaughter House Collection
  • Modernizing Compost Yard

Home Compost :

  • IEC activities to insist home composting through conservancy staff.
  • Improvement in Door to Door collection and source segregation.
  • Door to Door collection is being implemented in residential areas only, Now it has been planed to extend to commercial area.
  • Improvement of Slaughter House Collection.
  • A separate action to be taken to handle the animal waste from the two slaughter houses of Nagapattinam Municipal Area.

Modernizing Compost Yard :

  • Improvement of Road Facilities
  • Construction of Watchman Shed
  • Lighting Facilities
  • Water Facilities
  • Fencing for Compound to modernize the existing compost yard.