Three Main roads which constitutes 14.9km serve Nagapattinam town. They are Nagapattinam-Guddalur State Highway(3.2km), Nagapattinam-Karaikkal District Road and kilvelur Road which passes on the norther side of the town. The internal road network of Nagapattinam consists of two parts. The old port town has a circular pattern of road system interconnected by cross roads and Nagore on the northern side which is mainly residential locality has a grid pattern, and these two parts are connected by a single road. The type and length of roads maintained by the municipality are given in Table.

The existing status of roads in this town are

Local Road Network Details

 Surface Type Roads in Kms
Cement Concrete 44.875
BT 76.372
Earthen 2.027
Total Length 123.274