Water Supply

Melur Municipality is a second grade municipality covering an area of ​​15.02 sq km in Madurai district. The population was 40017 at the 2011 census.

The city has 27 wards. Drinking water project for Melur Municipality, Melurunchi Kanmai, Madurai Road and Navinipatti with 20 deep wells and 5 open wells with 0.60 MLD drinking water and 3.00 MLD including CWSS water project for a total of 3.60 MLD water supply at 90 LPCD per hour per day to municipal areas.

Overhead tanks located in the city are cleaned once in every 15 days and chlorinated daily to provide purified drinking water. Separate records for this are being maintained. In addition, the drinking water quality of the municipality is checked every month by TWAD Board. The required amount of bleaching powder is in stock. Repairs to the pumping main, distribution pipe and public pipeline have been attended immediately and steps have been taken to prevent wastage and contamination of drinking water.

CWSS Source

Anna Colony (7.00LL) 860000
Nainar Oorani ( 0.30LL) 390000
Office Tank ( 3.00LL) 450000
SM Nagar (5.00LL) 725000
Gandhiji Park (3.00LL) 350000
Ayyapan Koil (0.80LL) 60000
Sivan Koil (0.60LL) 30000
Nondikoilpatti (0.60LL) 30000
Burma Colony (0.30LL) 15000
Chinnarasan Patti (0.30LL ) 30000
Karuthapuliampatti(0.30LL) 30000
Therkupatti(0.30LL) 30000
TOTAL 3000000
Local Source
Old Sukkampatti (0.30LL) 30000
Pallavarayan patti (0.30LL ) 30000
Venkateshwara Nagar (0.60LL) 60000
Ayyapan Koil (0.80LL) 40000
Sivan Koil (0.60LL) 30000
Chokkampatti Chinnapayal Oornai (0.60LL) 60000
Nondikoilpatti (0.60LL) 30000
Burma Colony (0.30LL) 15000
Kambar Street (0.30LL) 30000
Vellanathan Patti ( 0.30LL)  ( Direct Pumping) 30000
Thiruvalluvar Nagar  (0.60LL) 60000
Malampatti Oorani (0.30LL) 30000
Malampatti (0.60LL) 60000
Milgate(0.60LL) 60000
Millgate sathya Nagar(0.30LL) 30000
Milgate K.K.Nagar (0.30LL) 30000
TOTAL 625000


Pumping Details  
Head works(CWSS)      3.00 MLD
Local Sources      0.60 MLD
Total      3.60 MLD
LPCD Frequency      90 LPCD
Frequency       Daily
No. of Mini Power Pump      105 Nos.
No. of Hand Pump Bore Well      115 Nos.
No. of Open Wells      —
No. of Water Supply Lorry      1 No.


Total No. of House Service Connections
Domestic     4070 Nos.
Non Domestic        27 Nos.
Industrial      –
Total     4097 Nos.
House Service Deposit – Domestic      Rs.5000/-
                                  Non Domestic      Rs.10000/-
                                       Industrial      –
Tariff  –  Domestic      Rs.120/- Month
                Non Domestic      Rs.200/- Month
               Industrial      –