Public Health

Activities :- Registration and issue of Birth and death certificates Solid waste management, Sanitation, Public Health

The Municipal Sanitary Officer is the overall in-charge of the Health Section. He looks after the conservatory work, sweeping streets, maintenance of drainage, controlling of epidemic diseases, ensuring of license to D&O trades, Birth and Death Registration, issuing certificate to birth and death registration. The Sanitary Supervisor, Sanitary Inspector and Sanitary Workers are assisting the Municipal Sanitary Officer.



         Name Designation
1  P. Murugesan Sanitary Officer
2  V. Saravanan Sanitary Inspector
3  K. Balasubramanian Sanitary Supervisor
4  D. Rajarathinam Sanitary Supervisor
5  P. Mayilvahanan Sanitary Supervisor
6  P. Karnan Sanitary supervisor