General Section


This is the Second Grade Municipality. Manager is the head of Administration next to Commissioner in the branch of General Administration, and he is responsible for general supervision and Administration of Office. All Establishment matters dealt with in the General Administration.

Sl.No Name Designation
1    Vacant
2  M. THIYAGARAJAN Accountant
4 M. MARUTHA NARAYANI @ JOTHI Junior Assistant
5  M. THILAGAVATHI Junior Assistant
6  S. KANDHASAMY Junior Assistant
7 S. REGINA Junior Assistant
8    Vacant Junior Assistant
9    Vacant Typist
10  C. PARTHASARATHI Record Clerk


Manager is Head of General Section. His duty includes general supervision of the ministerial staff, maintenance of discipline in the office premises to sign fair copies as “for Commissioner’ and to sign receipts for all remittances made in the Municipal Treasury to acknowledge registered tapals, Money orders instruments etc on behalf of the Commissioner and Account properly for the custodian of the cash double lock key collected, daily-checking of Chitta and Cash and Petty cash, pavement advance etc Administration report-Annual Inspection of the office checking of PR’s of all staff and subsidiary registers in respect of all section. All papers should routed through the Manager.