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About City

Melur is a Second Grade  Municipality  in the Madurai District  it is Geographically located between  10 – 0’  and 10-10’ latitude between 78-20’ and 78-30’ East longitudes  The town is spread over an area of 15.02 Sq.km. The population of the town is 33,743 as per the 2001 census. Population of the town has increased in 32848 in 1991, indicating a growth rate of 2.65 %. The gross density of the town works out to 895 persons per sq.km. The urban local body supplies water  in Daily.

Regional Setting  

Melur is located at a distance of 460 km from Chennai. The town aproximity is about 30 km southwest  of Madurai, 90 km north east of Trichy. It is well connected to major cities through NH47 .


It is located 30 Km southwest of  Madurai and 96 km south Trichirappalli and 26 Km of Sivaganga. Melur is well connected by Major District roads with Madurai, Karaikudi, Trichy, Melur and Sivaganaga. This Town is also connected with small Town Thiruppuvanam by other District Road. The Nearest railway station is Sivaganga and Madurai.

Climate & Temperature

Hot and dry climate generally prevails over the district. As the district is having hills and plains the climate varies. During summer season i.e. from March to July temperature is very high and December to January marks the winter season in which the temperature is below the mark. The town has a moderate climate. The maximum temperature during summer is 37  C and in winter is 29  C. The mean Maximum and Minimum temperatures are 41’ C and 31.6’ C respectively.


Melur Town gets its rain mainly during northeast Monsoon period in the months of October, November and December. The average rainfall is 557 mm. The recorded maximum and minimum rainfall being 1125 mm and 518 mm respectively.

Melur Municipality was constituted as village panchayat in 1888 and it had been upgraded 3rd grade Municipality on 1978. The population of the town has increased from 32848 in 1991 to 33743 in 2001. The Municipality is spread over an area of about 15.02 Sq.km. The length of the roads in the Municipality is about 24.993 km

Physical and Geological Characteristics:

Minerals of economic importance are absent. Red loom soil is predominately found almost throught  the town and its immediate villages



The total population of Melur Municipality as per 2001 census is 33743 out of which 6% are Schedule Castes and 0.2% is Schedule Tribes.

Category Male Female Total
Schedule caste 2035 1843 3878
Schedule Tribes
Total 2035 1843 3878

        Socially Deprived category

The percentage of SCs and STs are less when compared to that of the total district figures. The total % of STs in Melur Municipality is 6% compared to the district figure of 19% and state figure of 19.18%. Similarly, the percentage of STs in Melur is 0.2% compared to the district figure of 0.55% and state figure of 1.03%

         Sex Ratio

The sex ratio of Melur according to 1991 census, are 966  for 1000 males. It is higher than compared to the District figure of 952 females for 1000 males and lower compared to the State figure of 974 females for every 1000 males.

         Population Grown Trend

Melur spreads over an area of 15.02 Sq.km covering a population 34000 as per 2001 census with an average annual growth rate of 5%. The population has grown from 4774 in 1921 to 33743 in 2001.  The city had its highest decadal growth rate of 70% between 1921 to 1931 and lowest growth rate of 5.37 between 1951 to 1961. There is gradual decrease in growth  rate after 1971 due to the migration of population towards major cities and due to economic opportunities.       


Coconut, Polymers, Tamarind, Baniyan Trees are Prominent in this town and the surroundings areas, Granite is Major revenue income of   Melur Municipality.


Melur Municipality maintains 1 Middle School and 2 Elementary schools . The Infrastructure for the schools are well provided and functioning in good condition.

Water bodies

In and around Melur 9 Nos of Water bodies are there in which  they are belongs to PWD  Department. The Water bodies are kept clean by removing the Plastics and Garbage by the Municipality. Municipality maintained two Ooranies.