Solid Waste Management


1) Total extent of the town : 11.27 S.Q .K.M.
2) Population census report of 2001 : 84,505
3) Floating population : 15000
4) Details of the Road : 87.543 KM
5) Number of streets in the town : 252


1) Health Officer 1
2) Sanitary Inspector 5
3) Sanitary Supervisor (Sanitation) 6
4) Field Assistant 2
5) Driver 6
6) Sanitary Workers 200

III) Vehicle

1) Big Lorry Nil
2) Mini Lorry 2
3) Tractor and Trailer 1
4) Single Bullock Cart Nil
5) Tri Load cycle 42
6) Drainage water removal lorry 2

IV) Details of Daily removal Garbages

Daily Removal of Garbage’s 38. M. tons
V) Total extent of the Garbage pit 4.6 Acre


With a view to create awareness in the minds of the people and to get their contention the Municipal Chairman, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Municipal Councilors, Sanitary Workers and Municipal Staff (Worker) joined with the voluntary organizations have conducted mass awareness procession. Further through bit notice and advertisement the people’s cooperation was sought for.


Identification cards have been given to sanitary Inspectors, Sanitary Supervisors, sanitary workers drivers and others.

3) Solid waste Management and its utilization rules 2000 has been allowed by the Municipal council on 29.5.2002. The Byelaws passed by the Municipal Council has been sent to the Government for approval, through the Regional Director Thanjavur , as per R.C.No.1867/2000/H2 on 21.6.2002 by the Municipality.

4) With a view to make the people to know that the perishable and imperishable Garbage’s are taken separately, the vehicles have been painted with red and green.

5) The Collections of biodegradable wastes and non biodegradable wastes separately has been enforced

6) The garbage’s fit for Recycling has been collected separately.

7)The important places in the town such as Bus stand, Market have been cleaned daily by means of special sanitation work.

8)At present compost yard is not fully improved to carry out any composting activities. Therefore the municipal authorities are trying to solve the problem.

10) Bio-Medical waste:

The Bio Medical waste of the nursing home, clinic and laboratories are removed in their own responsibility without mingling with the garbage’s.