Citizen Charter





Tamilnadu is leading in many Urban Sector reforms.  As part of its commitment to enhance the responsiveness and effectiveness of the civic services rendered by the urban local bodies, the State Government decided to introduce ‘Citizens Charter’ in all the urban local bodies in G.O.Ms. No. 58 MAWS Department dated 16.4.1998.  The first edition of the ‘Citizens Charter’ was released by all city municipal corporations and municipalities in the State in the year 1998-1999.  It has improved the transparency and effectiveness of the local body administration.  Based on the experience gained over the past few years and the feedback, it has been decided to bring this second edition of the ‘Citizens Charter’ with improved information to citizens to make every citizen’s interaction with the civic body easy, simple, hassle free and efficient and also ensuring accountability and transparency.

This charter documents the citizen’s entitlement to municipal services, quality of services, quick access to information, stages to redressal of grievances and time bound.

This charter also documents, apart from what we can offer the citizens, what the citizens can do to help us serve them better and what can be achieved if both of us join together.



This Citizens’ Charter is a commitment of the Mannargudi Municipality to achieve a STAR system.






in the administration of the civic body in fulfilling the needs of the citizens of this town.


By providing all important information to the Citizens about the services being delivered by the Municipality.

By creating a system which will receive public grievances and redress the same qualitatively and time bound.

By soliciting the cooperation of the citizens in fulfilling their aspirations by mutual trust, confidence and help and by making them aware of their duties to the community.

By making each citizen’s interaction with us easy, simple, hassle-free and efficient, while ensuring accountability and transparency.

By introducing e-governance and automated access to all our functions and services and by directing the resultant flow of efficiency-gains towards the citizens.

By being fair, efficient, citizen – friendly and outcome – focused.



The Municipality was constituted in the year 1866 and was subsequently upgraded as First   Grade Municipality from 05.10.1978 .  It has a population of 66999 (2011 census) and an extent of  11.55 Sq. Km.,  The town is divided into  33 wards.

The Municipal Council comprising of 33 ward councilors  is headed by Chairperson, who is elected by voters of the town.

The executive wing is headed by commissioner and he is assisted by a team of officials like Municipal Engineer, Town Planning Inspector, Manager, Revenue Inspectors, Sanitary Inspectors and other officers.

The Municipality provides the following major services


1)       Water Supply

2)       Sewerage

3)       Waste Management

4)       Roads

5)       Drains

6)       Street Lights

7)   Public Conveniences

Response Time for Complaints

Details Time Schedule / Response
I. Water Supply :

(Subject to availability of sanctioned strength of HSCs.)

1.a) Issue of application for new water supply house service connection

At the Information Centre on all working days on the spot
b) Receipt of filled applications with fees At the information centre on all working days
c) Issue of acknowledgement On the spot
d) Intimation to the applicant on rectification of defects noticed in the application Within one week
e) After rectification of defects, issue of notice / chalan for remittance of fees for water supply connection 15 days
f) Effecting Water Supply House service connection 30 Days from the receipt of application
II Complaints / Defects :

1. Replacement of defective meter


15 days

2. Rectification of pollution in drinking water supply Within 24 Hours
3. Arresting of Leakage of water in the mains Within 24 hours
4. Minor repairs 2 days
5. Major repairs 3 days
6. Repairs to hand pumps 3 days
7. Repairs to public fountain 2 days
8. Repairs to India Mark 2 pumps / Bore wells 7 days
9. Deficiency in chlorinating 24 hours

The Municipality also enforces and regulates the following activities.

1)       Tax administrations.

2)       Planning and Building permission

3)       Trade and other licenses

4)       Registration of Birth and Deaths


For each of the above services and activities, this charter provides information about the details of services offered, response time for rendering the services or redressing grievances, whom to complain in case of default for providing the required services and how a citizen can help.


This charter lists the names of Chairperson, and Councilors and their contact Telephone numbers for better interaction of the citizens.  The Charter also lists out the names, designations and contact Telephone numbers of key officials dealing with major issues.

The co-operation of the citizens is solicited broadly in the following aspects:-

Segregate wastes at source

Do not throw waste in Drains, streets

Deposit wastes only at specified places and dust bins

Do not allow children to defecate in open spaces

Avoid connecting sewerage lines to open drains

Avoid encroachments on public places

Avoid occupation of roads and footpaths with unauthorised stacking of materials

Avoid letting of waste water on to roads


Conserve rain water and provide rain water harvesting structures in every building

Avoid leaving animals on roads and public places

Avoid misuse of public places including parks, open spaces, public toilets, markets, Bus stands


Plant trees within and in front of premises, water them and nurture them to grow

Report leakage of water, bursting of water / sewage   pipes, burning of street lights during day time, damage of public properties posing health hazard

Avoid damage of public properties.

Ensure prompt payment of property tax, profession tax , Water charges license fees and other Municipal dues.

Adhere to Building Rules and avoid violations, unauthorised  constructions

Adopt universal immunization

Complain to the right officer in time and liaise with the ward councillor.



The Municipal Engineer and his team of Engineers and Staff are responsible for protected drinking water supply in the town.  For a population of 61478 the town requires a daily quantity of 4.60 mld.  On an average, the per capita supply is maintained at  90 lpcd

New Water Supply Improvement Scheme at a cost of Rs.3.53 Crores has been completed in 2003-2004 supply is been given through new pipe lines from 01.11.04 onwards.  Total capacity of Water Tanks 35.30 Lakhs litres

Daily supply per head per day  90 LPCD
Length of distribution line 95.00 Kms.,
Length of Pumping Main 12.00 Kms.,
Total No.of Service connection domestic  11575 Nos.
No.of Service connection non domestic 125 Nos.