Water Supply



The Perennial Cauvery River Located at Manathattai in Kulithalai is the major source of water Supply for Manapparai Municipality.

Manapparai Municipality and 50 way side Village combined water supply scheme was maintained by TWAD. Daily average supply by TWAD is 2.20 MLD which was supplied through 8 no of OHT (27.70 Lakhs Litre Capacity)

For other uses, water is distributed at 187 HDPE tanks by means of Mini power Pumps.

  • Total Quantity of water supply per day is 3.05 MLD
  • Out of total 13012 Property Tax assessments 5821 Water Connections have been provided.
  • Total Length of distribution main is 84.36 km through the total length of road is 98.40 km.
  • 31 Water maintenance works have been carried out to meet out drought in the Municipality.
  • To provide protect drinking water to the public, water tested every month by TWAD is distributed.
  • The level of Chlorine is 0.02 mg/l in the water distributed by the municipality.
  • The average turbidity level of water is 0.06 NTU/JTU.