Street Lights

For public convenient transport Manapparai towns all the street and roads street lights are maintained by Manapparai Municipality.

Sl.No Type of street lights Lamps Nos
1 High Mast lights 2 Each 6 bulbs
2 250WSodium Vapour Lamps 217
3 20W LED 1778
4 40W LED 21
5 60W LED 10
Total 2038
  • Electricity supply to the Manapparai Town is regulated and distributed by the Tamil Nadu Generation of Electricity and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO).
  • CFL & street lights have been introduced recently in the town, which are pollution free & high luminance.


Implementation of energy efficiency project including investment grade audit in street lighting for a entire town through PPP method physical verification completed.

Street lights in the premises of Municipality have been maintained by Ms. Bhagavathi Agency for 9 years. The agency takes up the maintenance work immediately within 48 hours. The spares required are borne by agency itself. A sum of Rs. 74,878/- per month is being paid to the agency for maintenance.

35 Municipalities in Thanjavur, Thiruppur Regions and 9 Corporations Street lights are implemented energy saving with the help of Public private partnership which is announced in 2011-2012 Assembly by the Hon’ble Minister of MAWS. To implement this announcement based on Government Order No. 88 Dept. of MAWS Dated. 24.09.2012 permitted to call tender and to do the work. Based on this Regional Director of Municipal Administration, Thanjavur called tender and the work allotted to the Institution The Citilum India Pvt. Limited, New Delhi and energy audit and inspection work is under progress.