Solid Waste Management

  • Implementation of Municipal Solid Waste Management is the responsibility of every Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in accordance with the “Municipal Solid Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2000” to keep the Cities/Towns Clean.
  • ​Tamil Nadu is one among the most urbanized States in India with 48.45% of state population living in urban areas. Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) are responsible for solid waste management in their cities. Rapid urbanization has led to over-stressing urban infrastructure services including Municipal Solid Waste Management.


Municipal Solid Waste generated by the Corporations and Municipalities in Tamil Nadu is about 13400 MT per day. Through random sampling survey undertaken in selected municipalities and corporations it is estimated that the per capita generation of MSW ranges between 0.30kg to 0.70 kg per day.


At present the pramboke lands in Vedathilampatti and Fathimamalai were selected and proposal was sent to the District Collector.   Presently in ward no.5 on Trichy – Dindigul Bye pass road the garbage is stored in an area of 99 acres belonging to Manapparai Municipality.

Per Capita Generation and total quantity collected

Garbage Generated Daily                                                       : 19 MT

Daily Disposal by Municipality                                              : 19 MT

During Function time

Andavar Kovil Function                                                        : 30 MT

Maariyamman Kovil Function                                               : 30 MT

Veerappur Kovil Function                                                     : 30 MT

VII. Solid Waste Management – Collection of Service Tax:

As decided by the Municipal Council, service taxes are collected once in 6 months from the select establishments for Solid Waste Management. For marriage halls also service tax is collected towards Solid Waste Management.