Bus Stand

                                                   NEW BUS STAND
S.No. Description Details
1 Scheme Name Infrastructure and operation and maintenance gap filling fund 2014-15 & 15-16
1a. Name of work Construction of New Bus stand (B class)
2 Estimate cost Rs.500.00 lakhs
6 Land availability 1.96 acres municipal land ; ward No.D,Block.8 T.s.No.15
(Old bus stand land and old municipal office land)
7 Amenities proposed
i Area available 7950.00sq.m (1.96 acre)
ii Bus bays (total area 981.27sq.m) 25 nos.
iii Shops 27 Nos.
iv Food court 1
v Ticket booking counter 1
vi Cloack room 1
vii Public service centre 1
viii Driver & conductor rest room 1
ix Gents toilet bock(7 units) 1
x Ladies toilet block(12 units) 1
xi Police out post 1
xii Two wheeler parking 47 Nos.
xiii cafeteria 47
xiv Drinking water 3 places
xv Open space reservation 800.58 sq.m (10% on total area)