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Manapparai Town is situated 40 km from Thiruchirappalli and 60 km from Dindugal on Thiruchirappali – Dindugal Nation High ways. It is geographically located at 10o 36’N, 78o 25’E. Its area is 20.85 Square Kilometre.

Year Census Male Female
1951 8770 4495 4275
1961 11644 6038 5606
1971 19895 10333 9562
1981 27242 13946 13296
1991 31837 16233 15604
2001 35770 17786 17984
2011 40178 19974 20204
  • The municipal bodies of Tiruchirapalli are vested with a long list of functions delegated to them by the state governments under the municipal legislation. These functions broadly relate to public health, welfare, regulatory functions, public safety, public infrastructure works, and development activities.
  • Public health includes Water supply, Sewerage and Sanitation, eradication of communicable diseases.
  • Tamil Nadu is one among the most urbanized States in India with 48.45% of state population living in urban areas. Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) are responsible for solid waste management in their cities. Rapid urbanization has led to over-stressing urban infrastructure services including Municipal Solid Waste Management.
  • Welfare includes public facilities such as Education, recreation.
  • Regulatory functions related to prescribing and enforcing Building regulations, encroachments on public land, Birth registration and Death certificate.
  • Public safety includes Fire protection, Street lighting and public works measures such as construction and maintenance of inner city roads and development functions related to Town planning and development of commercial markets.
  • Besides the traditional core functions of municipalities, it also includes development functions like planning for Economic development and Social justice, urban poverty alleviation programs and promotion of cultural, educational and aesthetic aspects
  • The Municipal bodies in most cases have been left only with the functions of garbage collection, garbage disposal, street lighting, construction and maintenance of roads, etc.