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General Information

Manapparai Municipality was constituted as Third Grade Municiality on 1.10.1966. It has been upgraded to First Grade Municipality with effect from 22.5.1998. The Municipality limit includes the Revenue villages Sevalur, Vidathilampatti, Manjampatti, Theerampatti, Pothamettupatti, Manapparaipatti, Karamettupatti, Poomalaipatti, Mahalipatti, Nochimedu, Chidambarathanpatti, Veerachi south street and Santhiyagupuram. This town is located at a distance of 40 km from Tiruchirappali and 60 km from Dindigul on the Tiruchirappali – Dindigul National highways. Extent of the town is 20.85 sq. km. Population of the town is 35770 according to 2001 Census and 40178 as per 2011 Census.

Name of the Municipality Manapparai
Date of Constitution as Third Grade Municipality G.O.No.2318 dated   30.09.1966 From 01.10.1966
Upgradation as Second Grade Municipality G.O.No.10877 dated 28.06.1978 From 01.07.1978
Upgradation as First Grade Municipality G.O.No.85 dated 23.05.1998 From 22.05.1998
Area of the Municipality 20.85 Sq.Km
Population 40510 (2011 Census)
Total No of Wards 27
No. of Households 10273
No. of Slums 12
Slum Population 15872
No. of people in the below poverty line list 15348
E-mail Address commr.manapparai[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in

The town is famous for its cattle and vegetable shandy (market) and it is one of the third ranking shandy in the state of Tamil Nadu. Manapparai is also very famous for hand made Manapparai MURUKKU.-a crispy small round corrugated coiled deeply fried mouth watering eatable which is prepared from rice flour as main ingredient and various other ingredients in small quantities is world famous one from the endless past. Machine made Murukkus do not get similar taste at all so there is a need of manual preparation. Cottage Industries only doing the manufacturing work so this does not meet the demand in global market due to lack of major productions. However, the world famous Murukku can be made from Manaparai alone.

Every Wednesday more than 5000 people visit the town to the cattle shandy for the purchase of cattle chiefly for agricultural purposes, to vegetable shandy to buy household materials and vegetables for their day to day use.

Not so bulky and slim and a medium range shining cows producing tasty milk are also available in the shandy. Nearly 1200 cows are sold on one Wednesday. Manapparai taluk diary development societies are the highest milk producers in Tamilnadu and they are sending milk to various agencies like Aavin at Tiruchirappalli. From here thousands of litters of milk are supplied to other areas after adopting proper preservative methods.

The production of milk is generally surplus here and is sent to Aavin Tiruchirappalli. In addition, the excess milk after supplying is distributed through milk vendors to the door steps of all consumers. Even after the distribution of a large quanta of milk, the excess left is utilized to make unadulterated sweets called palcova, which vanishes at the very due to fast moving sales. The palcova is very rich in protein and is highly applicable for children nourishment. It is available only at Manaparai Diary Development centers and Co-operative Milk Societies.

Ponnanniyar Dam

This is the recently built bridge across the two hills of Kadavur basin. The abutments and reservoir are natural. Manpoondi River the so called Mamundiar river gets water from the dam. It is also a natural tourism place to enjoy cool and cloudy climate with freezing wind from reservoir. It gives the feeling of beinfg in a Hill Station.

Hanging Bridge

This is one of the second longest hanging aqua duct bridge giving passage for gullies and trespassers. In addition with the hanging bridge siphon bridge constructed in another gully passage is an astonishing one for the tourists and children for their fun.


Historical Temples in Manaparai Taluk

ArulMigu Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple, Kumaravadi.
ArulMigu Nallandavar Kovil, Andavar kovil.
ArulMigu Vengatesaperumal Kovil, Manangunram.
ArulMigu Agatheeswarar Kovil, Andavar kovil.
ArulMigu Mariyamman kovil, Manapparai.
ArulMigu Varadharajaperumal Kovil, Manapparai.
ArulMigu Kaliyamman Kovil, Manapparai.
ArulMigu Kattumuniyappan Kovil, Manapparai.
ArulMigu Muniyappa Swamy Kovil, Manapparai.
ArulMigu Naganatha Swamy ThiruKovil, Manapparai.
ArulMigu VedarubaSubramaniya Kovil, Manapparai.
ArulMigu Thirumutheeswarar Kovil, Veerappur.
ArulMigu Kannimar Kulakkarai Karuppa Swamy, Padukalam.
ArulMigu Ponnarsankar Kovil, Valanadu
ArulMigu Mahaliyamman  Kovil, Kovilpatty.
ArulMigu Muppulian Kovil, Kovilpatty.
ArulMigu Boodhanayaki Amman Kovil, Thuvarankurchi.
ArulMigu Oonaikattu Iyanar kovil, Oonaiyur.
ArulMigu Varadharajaperumal Kovil, Karumalai.
ArulMigu Pambalamman Kovil, Thottiyapatty.
ArulMigu Pambalamman Kovil, Thulukkampatty.
ArulMigu Malaiyandiswamy Kovil, Kavalkaranpatty.
ArulMigu Meenatchi Sundaresvarar Kovil, Maniyankuruchi.
ArulMigu Chellandiyamman Kovil, Maniyankuruchi.
ArulMigu Akilandeswari Udanurai Agatheswaran Kovil, Palluvangi.
ArulMigu Perumal Koil, Paluvangi.
ArulMigu Sivan Kovils, Kovilpatty, Thuvarankurchi,Chinnareddyapatty.
ArulMigu Anchaneyar Kovil, Kovilpatty road, T.Alai.
ArulMigu Anchaneyar Kovil, Railway Station.
ArulMigu Thekkamalaian Koil, Vaiyampatty-Koilpatty