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How the name LALGUDI came ?

The old name of lalgudi was Thiruthuvatturai. When Delhi sultanate Alauddin Khilji’s slave cum head general army Malik Gafoor came to capture tamil lands, he saw Sabdarishiswarar shivan temple in Thiruthuvatturai, where the local people were painting & renovating this temple in red colour.   He asked his army people in sanskrit mixed urudu language “aee kya lalgudi” by showing this temple, (means lal-red, gudi-tower) and came the new name LALGUDI. This happened in between 1296AD to 1316AD.

What is Lalgudi famous for

Lalgudi (Thiruthavathurai) is famous for its temples. The Shiva Temple (Saptharishieeswarar temple) is one of the eary Chola period temples, and the Tamil Appar is said to have visited this temple.