Water Supply

Water Supply
Water supply situation in Kuzhithurai is satisfactory. With an alternate day supply.The responsibility of designing and executing capital works in water supply rests with the Tamilnadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) . The agency after developing transfers the projects to the local body, who will maintain the system. Hence any decisions on water supply and drainage improvements will largely depend upon the TWAD’s consent and cooperation.

Protected Water Supply Scheme is maintaining by the Municipality from the year 1978. Water from the Kuzhithurai Thamirapanai River through three wells is pumped to five high level tanks and three ground level tanks and supplied 25 lakhs litres per day. The capacity of the over head tank and Ground level Tank is 9.55 lakhs liters. The Population of the town is 20326. Average of 123 litres water is supplied daily per head. There are 2472house service connection and 75 public funtaions. (Domestic-2294, Non Domestic 167, Industrial-1) 18 bore Wella and 30 Open Wells are also maintained by the Municipality. Mini Water Supply 5 Nos. The Municiaplity is also supplying water to the Problem Areas and for Sintex tank through Water Tanker Lorry. Now we are proposed to construct a Fillter House at Pump house to a capasity of 2.5MLD.


The town has been provided with protected water supply scheme is maintained by the municipality from the year1978 .using the local reservoirs inTamirabarani River.

Name of local reservoir

Installed Capacity(ML)

Quantity Produced(MLD)

Quantity Supplied(MLD)

Tamirabarani River




Treatment and Transmission

The Water from Tamirabarai River sources is collected by infultration well. . The Water is treated through primary treatment methods such as chlorination before distribution. The total length of transmission line including the raw water and treated water is 12.4 km, .
Water Quality

The treated water sample test for the town indicates that the PH value (6.0) is below the permissible limits of 6.5 to 8.5 for the drinking purpose. And the turbidity level of NTU against the norms of 8 NTU indicates , which is normally allowed for the drinking purpose; otherwise the water is very safe in quality.

Storage and Distribution System

The current practice of water transmission and distribution indicate that the water is drawn through pumping method from the sources and transmitted to the Ground level service Reservoirs located at various zones. Then the water is distributed for the local supply through individual service connections and public stand posts located at the various locations.

For the purpose of storage and wider coverage, the town is sub-divided into 4 major zones. For the distribution purpose ground level service reservoirs are provided in different areas for a total capacity of 9.55Lakhs. The existing GLRRs are having the capacity of storing 2.40Lakhs and Over Head Tank total capacity is 7.15 lakhs

House Service Connections.

At present, the Kuzhithurai Municipality has provided 2462 individual metered connections, of which 93% connections are domestic and 7% connections are non-domestic connections. Nearly, 75 Public Fountains/Stand posts are provided to supply protected water supply in the town.
Distribution Network

The existing distribution system comprises of distribution network from the service reservoirs to the individual house service connections and public fountains/stand posts, which covers 100% of the total municipal road length (35 Km) in the town. The existing network system is laid out to cover dense population located in the different parts of the town. At present, the water is distributed for duration of 4 hours in a normal day to cover different wards in the town.

Demand and Supply

The overall demand and supply of water in Kuzhithurai town indicates that the existing supply of 2.50 MLD is adequate for the present population in 2001.