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History  of the Town

Kumbakonam is a Special Grade Municipal Town and second biggest town in terms of administrative status in Thanjavur District. Kumbakonam, being the headquarters of Kumbakonam Taluk, had different names like Kudanthai, Kudamooku and Baskarashetram from time immemorial. Kumbakonam is located 313 km away from Chennai on the South, 90 km away from Trichy on the East and 40 Km away from Thanjavur on the North -East. The town is bounded by river “Cauvery” on the North and “Arasalar” on the South with a gentle slope from north to south. Kumbakonam town limit extends over an area of 12.58 Sq.km and the Local Planning Area (LPA) limit extends over an area of 64.02 Sq.Km.