Places of Interest

Temples & Other interesting Places

1.  Sri Kadambavaneswarar  Temple
The  Kadamba Vaneswarar Temple is located in Kulithalai Kadamban thurai  near Cauvery river. The presiding deity is Shiva. He is called as Kadambavaneswarar. His consort is Mutrila Mulaiammai. It is one of the shrines of the 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams. Thirunavukkarasar have sung hymns in praise of the temple. Thai Poosam is the famous festival in Kulithalai , Karur district. The lord Shiva and his goddess of Popular 8 shiva temples around Kulithalai, comes to Kulithalai at Thai Poosam at Cauvery river.It is really interested to see the above festival. Around 2 lakhs people assemble at Kulithalai for Thai Poosam.

2. Sri Maha Mariamman Temple
The Mariamman temple is another famouns temple.Every year in May month car festival is celebrated in a grand manner.Karagam , Thee chatti and Pookkuzhi are very famous in this temple. Around 1 lakh people assemble at Kulithalai for car festival.

3. Ayyermalai

Ayyermalai is situated 8 km from Kulithalai in Karur District. There is a temple dedicated to ArulmiguRathinagreeswarar . Every year Bramotchavam Festival of 15 days Chithirai Festival, Thaipoosam Festival, Karthigai Festival, Panguni Uthiram Festival and Teppam Festival are celebrated here in grand manner.

4. Thiruengoimalai

Thiruengoimalai Maragadachaleswarar Temple is a Hindu temple located at Eengoimalai in Trichy district of Tamil Nadu, India.The presiding deity is Shiva.He is called as Maragadachaleswarar and Eengoinathar. Thiruengoimalai lies between Musiri and Thottiam. Legend : The name of the place is said to be derived from Thiru-i-ongaimalai (‘i’ meaning bee in Tamil) and to have been so called because the sage Agasthiar, finding the gates of the temple closed one evening, took the form of a bee and entered the temple to perform his worship. Maragadachaleswarar Temple, Thiruengoimalai – The Temple This temple is housed a top of small hillock and one has to climb about 500 steps to reach the temple. The steps are not uniform and many places they were deformed.

5. Mukkombu

Mukkombu is a beautiful excursion centre, just 22 kms from Kulithalai on the river banks of Cauvery and Kollidam. This place is called upper dam. It is an attraction for the tourists and also for the people of all ages by its park, greenish garden science park,toy train,merry go round, fishing facility, and boating facility. The length of Mokkombu is 685 meters, and its layout was planned by Sir Arthur Cotton.