General Section

Kulithalai Municipality is the Second Grade Municipality.  Manager is the head of Administration

next to Commissioner in the branch of General Administration, and he is responsible for general supervision

and Administration of Office.  All Establishment matters dealt with the General Administration.

Sl.No Name Designation
1 Vacant Manager
2 S.Sivalingam Accountant
3 P.Amudha Assistant Programmer
4 N.Suresh Junior Assistant(Cashier)
5 N.Yasodha Devi Junior Assistant(Suspension)
6 D.Nanda Kumar Junior Assistant
7 V.Jeyalakshmi Junior Assistant
8 Nithya Junior Assistant
9 K.Karuppasamy Typist
10 P.Govindaraj Record Clerk
11 V.Periyasamy Office Assistant
12 K.C.Rajalingam Market Collection Peon