General Section

Kulithalai Municipality is the Second Grade Municipality.  Manager is the head of General Administration

next to Commissioner , and he is responsible for general supervision and Administration of Office. 

All Establishment matters dealt with the General Administration.

Sl.No Name Designation
1 S. Devaraj Manager
2 S.Sivalingam Accountant
3 P.Amudha Assistant Programmer
4 N.Suresh Junior Assistant(Cashier)
5 D.Nanda Kumar Junior Assistant
6 M.Logeshwaran Junior Assistant
7 M.Nithya Junior Assistant
8 K.Karuppasamy Typist
9 P.Govindaraj Record Clerk
10 R.Shankar Office Assistant
11 K.C.Rajalingam Market Collection Peon
12 R.Bharathi Selvan Office Assistant