Train Schedule and Buses

Train Schedule 

Train Name & No: Starts From Arrival at Kulithalai
Destination Service Days
MS Mangalore  Exp
Chennai Egmore 05:40 AM Mangalore All Days
Ernakulam Exp
Trichy 08:50 PM Ernakulam All Days
TPJ PGTN Passenger Exp
Trichy 01:35 PM Coimbatore All Days
Mangalore 08:40 PM Chennai Egmore, All Days
Trichy 09:20 PM Mysore All Days

Every 5 minutes bus facility is available in Kulithalai . Karur, Tiruppur, Coimbatore and Erode Buses passes away Kulithalai. Air conditioned government buses are also available.

Private Buses

Bus Name Route
MRG Trichy – Kulithalai- Karur
MP Trichy – Kulithalai – Mettupalayam
K.R.T. Trichy – Kulithalai – Tharagampatti
VKA Trichy – Kulithalai- Karur
KPS Kulithalai – Karur
Kumaran Trichy – Kulithalai- Karur
Ganesh Murugan Trichy – Kulithalai- Karur
SJN Trichy – Kulithalai- Karur
Bharani Kulithalai – Karur
Megala Trichy – Kulithalai- Karur
RBS Trichy – Kulithalai- Karur
K.S Trichy – Kulithalai- Karur
Arun Trichy – Kulithalai- Karur
Ammaiyappa Kulithalai – Manapparai
KPS Kulithalai – Manapparai
Palani Kulithalai – Manapparai
MKJ Kulithalai – Manapparai
VVP Kulithalai – Thuraiyur
Palaniyappa Kulithalai – Thuraiyur
Palanivel Kulithalai – Thuraiyur
SKP Kulithalai – Thuraiyur
Krishna Kulithalai – Thuraiyur
Velmurugan Kulithalai – Thuraiyur