Bus Stand

Kulithalai Municipality is constituted as Grade II Municipality with the population of 27910 as per 2011 census. The existing bus stand is running for rental basis of Rs.24,787/- per month which belongs to Arulmigu Perala Kunthalamman Temple with an extend of 1.22 acres. Since there is no municipal land for the construction of New Bus Stand , the land belongs to Arulmigu Kadambavaneswarar Temple with S.F.No.712/1, 713/2 and 713/3, also Arulmigu Neelamega Perumal Temple land with S.F.No.712/3. So totally 2.00.89 arrs (4.96 acres) is selected as above which belongs to HR&CE department. The file is pending with HR&CE Commissioner, Chennai . After getting the approval , the new proposed bus stand will be constructed in the area as above.