Places of Interest

Temples & Other interesting Places

Kodai Lake
The most famous and the important of Kodai is this lake. It’s 24 hectare in area. A well developed road around the lake in 5 Kms long. It’s the affectionate to lake. This lake was created in 1863 by SIR VERE HENTRY LEVINGE who was the collector of Madurai. He constructed the bound to form the lake and stocked the lake with fishes. The first boat was also brought up from Tuticorin by him.
Boating in Lake

A Boat club was formed and the members only sailed in the boats. In 1910, a new boathouse was built and from 1929 may only few tourists were allowed to sail as temporary members. Then the Public Boat service was started from 1932. After then all tourists are allowed to sail. Yearly once, at summer season, the Boat club conducting the boat race and boat decoration competition. It’s celebrated very grandly in a beautiful manner.

Upper Lake View
The full view of star shaped Kodai lake and it surroundings with perumal hill view are viewed from an upper place is called “UPPER LAKE VIEW”. It’s fantastic view to see. At the time of Early Morning and Evening it has more beauty. At that time the lake and surroundings are very calm. It’s a large view.

Coakers Walk
It is a hill edge pathway runs along the steep southern face of Kodai. We can see beautiful and large views of the plains. It was created by Er.Coaker in 1872. So now, this place is called with his name. Entrance fee is collecting here. The T.T.D.C. is organizing the TELESCOPE HOUSE. From here we can see a panoramic view of the Valley, Dam and nearest towns.

Bryant Part

This beautiful and famous park is situated near the bus stand. It’s noted for flower hybrids and grafts. Cut flowers are exported from here. A glass house is also situated inside this park. A lot of ‘Rare’ flowers are being kept here. The Grandful “FLOWER SHOW” will be conducted every year in the month of May. The 33rd flower show was celebrated in 1994. We should pay here the entrance fee.

Caps Valley View
This is a fantastic view place and unforgettable jolly place among all. But it is a dangerous place also. We can see a widescope view from this top of the valley. This view is the most famous among the new married couples. If you throw your CAP into the bottom of valley, it will suddenly returns to you. It’s not magic. The cap returns with the pushing of the Air pressure. So this place is called also as “CAPS BORROWING ROCK”.

Silver Cascade
The most popular falls among the Kodai false is the “Silver Cascade”. The overflow of the Kodai Lake comes here and fell down from 180 feet height. The falling water looks like the falling of Metal silver. So it’s called as Silver Cascade. Tourists can take bath here when the temperature of the water suit them. After returning from Kodai also, the frame of the falls will be still on your eyes.
Pillar Rocks
There are two rocks stand together as the pillars. So it is called as ‘Pillar Rocks’. The height of that granite sentinels is 122 metres. It’s an important visiting place in Kodai. With the covering of mists and clouds, these rocks looked like a swallowing. It situated with beautiful flowers and a lovely children park.
Mother St. Mary’s Festival

The La Saleth church of kodai is a very famous and popular church. Here every year on August 14 and 15th the La Saleth Festival is being celeberated very grandly. It is celebrated not as the ‘Christian Festival’; it is celebrated as ‘the festival of Kodai’. On that day LA SALETH decorated very beautifully and brightly, then brought around Kodai.

Bear Shola Falls

This falls is situated around a peaceful and beautiful picturesque hill path. It’s looked like a falls in the lonely forest. But it just 1.5 kms from lake. The falls situated in the Bear Shola, once there were a lot of Bears. So the shola is called as Bear Shola. It’s a good ideal picnic spot.
Chettiar Park
It is another park on the way to Arulmigu Kurinji Andavar Temple. This neat little part is situated in a calm surrounding in a sloped shape.
Fairy Falls

It’s a small falls, which is 5 kms from the town. It is a delightful picnic spot. Here, nature has created an artistic bathing basic.
Bambar Falls

It’s chilled falls situated near the St. Mary’s Church. We have to reach there place by walk only. It’s located in thrilling surroundings. It’s a good picnic spot also.

Silent Falls

We can view this falls while climbing to Kodaikanal via ghat road. It’s looked like the water fell down in slow motion. It’s one of the highest falls in the world. It’s small in breadth. But, it is 975 feet in height. We can here the sound of the water. So it is called as “SILENT FALLS”. It’s also called as THALAIYAR FALLS and RAT TAIL FALLS.
Devil’s Kitchen

It’s a dangerous place with lot of caves situated in a spot. The caves looked like the kitchen of devils. Once ‘SHENBAGA NADAR’ tried to find the end of a particular cave. But he died there. A memorial point situated here for his dangerous end.
Cine Actor Mr. KAMAL HASAN and his cine troop came to this spot and shoot most of the tamil film “GUNA” here. After that, this place is a favourite among tourists. Now days it’s called as “GUNA CAVES”.

Golf Links

One of the best entertainments of Kodai is Golf-Playing. This ground is maintained by the Golf club which allows the members only into the ground. The ground is maintained well. It’s a beautiful place. Only player are allowed getting inside the ground. It’s best cine-outdoor shooting place and a good picnic spot.

Solar Astro-Physical Observatory

It is a famous observatory among the world. It was built in 1898 on 2847 meters, which is the highest point of Kodaikanal. Visitors are allowed only on proper appointments.
Visiting hours : 10 AM to 12 Noon on Fridays only.

Here we can observe the Stars, Planetary movement’s etc.

Shenbaganur Dharga

‘Nabigal’ NOOR MOHAMED Dharga is a famous and faithful holy place for the Muslim people. But all people are visiting and praying here in a believement manner. The Dharga is situated in Shenbaganur. The ‘Kandoori’ festival is being celeberated here yearly once.

Rock-Edge View

This view is situated near Shenbaganur. It’s not a popular place but it’s beautiful place. From here, we can enjoy the view of plains and dam. By walk only, we can reach the top of the rock. There we can see a thrilling view. From here we can also see the Perumal hill view. It gives more pleasure to tourist.

Shenbaganur Museum

Shenbaganur Museum is one of the best Orchidoriums in India with more than 300 species of orchids is also housed here. This museum is maintained by Sacred Heart College. The museum was founded in the year 1895. The Archaeological remains and the flora and fauna of the hills are kept here. A Spanish Father Ugarthe contributed his major collections to this museum.

Working Hours : 10.00 AM to 11.30 AM
3.00 PM to 5.00 PM

Green Valley View

It is an entirely greenful view of vaigai dam and surroundings from the top of the valley. So it is called as Green valley view now a days. But this valley is very deep and dangerous. Tourists are allowed to see with protection. Many People Committed sucided here. So it was once called as suicide point. You are seeing the deepest part of valley which you can’t see anywhere .

Berijam Lake

The another lake situated 28 kms from Kodai Lake with a lonely surrounding is called as ‘BERIJAM LAKE’. We can enjoy this nature’s pleasure from Berijam lake view. But we must get the forest Department’s permission to visit this lake. There is no boating facility here. In 1864, Major Douglas Hamilton visited here and chooses it’s the best among Kodai hills.

Water Reservoir

Kodaikanal water treatment plant built up this bound to supply drinking water for Kodaikanal. By getting permission only, we can visit here. After constructed this new bound, water problem of Kodai was solved. It’s a major plan and also a good project. It’s looked like a dam among the hills.

Silent Valley View

A Thrilling valley view in a quiet surrounding is called as Silent Valley view. We should be forgetting the time passing at the time of seeing this enchanting view. Children should be kept in our custody because it’s dangerous place. We can see from here the hills, trees and mist covering views. We will forget ourselves with its beauty.

Arulmigu Kurunji Andavar Temple

This is a temple of LORD MURUGA who is called here as KURNJI ANDAVAR. In Tamil, Kurunji means ‘hill region’ and Andavar means ‘God’. So it means “GOD OF HILLS”. All the tourists are visiting here and praying Lord Muruga. Kurunji flower plant is kept here. A view of Palani Hills is viewed from here.

Kohinoor Bungalow

Kohinoor Bungalow is proceeding now as GOVERNMENT CIRCUIT HOUSE. So by getting prior appointments only, we can visit it. This Kohinoor Bungalow was renamed as “KOHINOOR SHEIK ABDULLAH BUNGALOW” on 2nd March 1984. Sheik Abdullah, ‘The Lion of Kashmir’ Had Born on 5-12-1905 & Demise on 8-9-1982. He served as Prime Minister and Chief Minister of Kashmir twice. He spent 17 years 11 days of his life in the PRISON. He was in this “KOHINOOR BUNGALOW” from 14-7-1965 to 15-6-1967 (Nearly Two years].