Water Supply

The Municipal Engineer and his team of Engineers and Staff are responsible for protected drinking water supply in the town. 

For a population of 106714 the town requires a daily quantity of 9.60 mld.  120 Lakhs Litres of water is pumped and supplied daily.  On an average, the per capita supply is maintained at 112 lpcd. 

The Head works consists of  13 Nos. of deep borewells is located at Sambai Oothu in Karaikudi, Madurai Road.  The water collected from these borewells is conveyed to the 8 OHTs located in various parts of the town.  The water from these OHTs is distributed to the public through a distribution network of  186.733 kms. length consisting of 385 public fountains and 14392 house service connections.  In addition to this, there are 25 Nos. of power pumps and 14 Nos. of  pumps are also used.

We are proud to record  that the Karaikudi Municipality is one of a very few municipality which fulfill the need of drinking water of the people in a satisfied manner.

 Services / Functions

¨  Operation and Maintenance of Head works for water supply and distribution of drinking water to house holds      and public stand posts

¨    Sanctioning new House service connection

¨  Conveyance and distribution of water for private and public uses.

¨    Billing and collection of water charges

¨   Creating awareness among people to conserve water and install Rain Water Harvesting structures