Storm Water Drains

The town has an effective network of Storm Water Drains running to a length of 46.55 km. This is approximately 47 percent of the total road length in the town
Existing Network
Existing Service Level  

The storm water drainage network in Karaikudi Primarily consists of primary drains comprising of Odais and road side drains to discharge the storm water.  The Odais run to a length of 13.5 km in the town and primarily discharge into the major water bodies such as Konneri Kanmoi, Karaikudi Kanmoi, Athala Kanmoi and Veeran Kanmoi etc.  While these Odais are encroached upon at several locations along the run, the carrying capacity of these primary drains has reduced considerably due to siltation and dumping of debris and wastes.  The secondary network runs to about 136 percent of the total road length and the deficiency is mainly in terms lack of infrastructure in the newly developing areas that has worsened the neighborhood and surroundings with spill-over and wastewaters following in the open.

Accordingly measures have been contemplated to cover the developing areas of the town and improve the carrying capacities of the existing drains.  Strategies have been conceived on the fact that the primary drains have to be conserved and shall be used as effective carriers of storm water.  The secondary and tertiary drains, mostly consisting of the road side drains ought to be provided for all the major arterials and lined not only to drain storm water but to also preserve the condition of the road surface  Accordingly, the following strategies have been formulated based on some of the best practices in the sector.