Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Collection and Disposal

Unlike yester years the solid waste management plays a vital and pivotal roll as far as the local bodies are concerned. particularly in Urban areas. The population in the urban areas grow rapidly and the space has become scarce. Likewise the waste generated in these areas has become a threat to the clean environment . In order to control this waste and the menace of polluting environment, it has been decided to take immediate action under solid waste management, dispersing with the good old practice of sweeping, cleaning and carrying the waste from the streets and dumping in the composts yard. Therefore it has been decided to cover the solid waste management for this town and door to door collection with segregation of source has been started initially for two wards and subsequently spread to other wards also after giving wide publicity and conducting compaigns and rallies etc.

All he existing vehicles have been provided with two separate compartments and painted with red and green colours at the outer portion. In the red colour compartment, the recyclable items are dumped and bio-degradable in the green compartments. Similarly the newly purchased tricycles have also been provided with two separate compartments with red and green colours at the outer portion for easy differentiation

Moreover, the door-to-door collection is being done with the segregation at source in a few wards and in other wards the segregation is done by the sanitary workers themselves before taking it to the compost yard and this will be implemented in all the wards after giving due publicity. The recyclable items are handed over to the rag-pickers daily.

The garbage so collected is taken to the compost yard and airobic method is adopted and a small quantity of garbage is taken to the head works where pits have been provided for making vermi-compost and is being done successfully. The acquisition of land for compost yard is at the final stage and after having taken the possession of compost yard, vermi-compost will be implemented in a large scale.