General Section

The General Administration Department, headed by the Manager oversees the administrative functions of the Municipality including the accounts and budgeting. The other functions of the Department include.

  • Public Relations and Redressal of Public Grievances
  • Appointments and Transfers
  • Council Subjects
  • Correspondence
  • Record Maintenance
  • Maintenance of Accounts etc.,

The General Administration Department is further divided into four sections viz.

  • Establishment Section
  • Accounts Section
  • Computer Section and
  • Despatch /Typing and Record Maintenance section.
Sl.No Name(Thiru/Tmt) Designation
1 T.Kumari
2 S.Balakrishnan Assistant
3 P.Amutha Noon Meal Assistant
4 T.Velusami Assistant
5 D.Rani Assistant
6 Anantha Viswasam Assistant
7 R.Yogeshwari Junior Assistant
8 K.Sharmila Farveen Junior Assistant
9 R. Ramakrishnan Junior Assistant
10 A.Zawhir Hussain
Junior Assistant
11 M.Nagarajan Junior Assistant
12 D. Aiswarya Junior Assistant
13 P. Sowdaiah Harish Junior Assistant
14 T. Muthumari Junior Assistant
15 A. Saravanan Junior Assistant
16 Vacant Junior Assistant
17 R. Vandar kuzhali Junior Assistant
18 K. Devi priya Junior Assistant
19 P. Latha   Junior Assistant
20 P. Janaki Junior Assistant
21 S. Govindan Junior Assistant
22 K.Manikandan Junior Assistant
23 S.Rajadurai Junior Assistant
24 Vacant Typist
25 Vacant Typist
26 P.Bharathkumar Record Clerk
27 Vacant Record Clerk
28 M. Karuppaiah Office Assistant
29 KR. Kannan Night Watchman
30 M.Sakthivel Office Assistant
31 M. Chokkalingam Office Assistant
32 Vacant
Office Assistant
33 R. Ponmarichelvan Office Assistant
 34 Vacant Office Assistant
35 B. Padmanaban Office Assistant
36 G. Manikandan Office Assistant

Accounts Section

The Accounts Section is included in General Section. The Accountant is the Head of the wing and controlling Financial matters. It involves into preparation of Budget discipline. As well as look after the Accrual based Accounting system.

Sl.No Name(Thiru/Tmt/Selvi) Designation
1 M.MUTHUSELVAM Accountant