Engineering Section

The Engineering Department is responsible for  all public works, and maintenance of civic facilities.   The department is responsible for (G.O.10  MAWS Dept Date:23.01.2023)

  •                   Public works (Construction and maintenance of roads and storm water drains)
  •                   Maintenance of  Municipal Buildings
  •                   Construction and Maintenance of Public Conveniences
  •                   Maintenance of  other facilities viz, Bus stand, Markets, etc. 
  •                   Street Lighting (Power and Maintenance of  Street Lights.)
  •                   Water Supply and  Sewerage (Provision, Operation & Maintenance of Water
  •                   supply and sewerage system)
  •                   Parks and Gardens (Maintenance of parks and gardens)

The Engineering department coordinates with Tamil Nadu Water  Supply and Drainage  Board (TWAD) and other state government agencies to implement water supply and other developmental works.  The department is responsible for ensuring the quality of works and their timely completion.

The Municipal Engineer heads the Engineering Department  and is assisted by Assistant Engineer  and other staff.  The department has  Asst. Engineer, Draughtsman, Work Inspector, Overseer,  and  others to carry out the administrative works.

Sl.No Name(Thiru/Tmt) Designation
Engineering General
Excuetive Engineer
Assistant Engineer
Vacant Assistant Engineer
Assistant Engineer
5 M.Manikandan Draughtsman
Vacant Work Inspector
Vacant Work Inspector
Vacant Work Inspector
Vacant Work Inspector
10 Vacant Work Inspector
Public Work Overseer
12 Vacant Public Work Overseer
13 Vacant
Public Work Overseer
14 Vacant
Public Work Overseer
15 S. Kannan     Driver
Water supply
16 M. Panneer Selvam Fitter 
17 M.GANESAN Electrical Superintendent -I
18 R.SRINIVASAN Electrician Grade-I
Street Light
19 R. Ravichandran Wireman
20 K. Vallavan Wireman
21 R. Pandidurai Wireman
22 P. Vetrivelan Wireman 
23 N.K IraiAnbu Wireman 
24 M. Balakrishnan Wireman Helper
25 S. Ramakrishnan Wireman Helper