About Kangeyam Municipality

Kangeyam is a second grade municipality


 Kangeyam Municipality was constituted on 30.06.2010, as per Go.No.91 dated 30.06.2010. It was upgraded as second Grade Municipality from 30.06.2010. in Kangeyam taluk of Tirupur district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is situated on National Highway 67. Kangeyam is a commercial center in  Tamil Nadu with the main commercial interests being rice hulling, coconut oil extraction,  Ghee production and groundnut cultivation. The town is located at the distance of 28 km from the district headquarters Tiruppur, 45 km from the Erode and 70 km from the industrial town of Coimbatore ,32km from Dharapuram .

The Kangeyam bull, known for its superior draught strength and adaptability to poor nutritional conditions is indigenous to the area around Kangeyam and is named after the town. As of 2011, the town had a population of 32,147.

The major business interests in Kangeyam are rice mills, coconut copra making which is used in coconut oil production, ghee production and groundnut cultivation. The region, despite being semi-arid and rain-fed, produces rice throughout the year. Rice is processed to hull it and then marketed. Paddy procured from Thanjavur and Cauvery delta regions in Tamil Nadu and from other states like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are also brought here for processing and there are more than 500 rice mills in Kangeyam Taluk.

Coconut oil production in Kangeyam began in the 1980s when coconut cultivation started spreading in Tamil Nadu. Kangeyam is often named among the major coconut oil producing regions of India and the coconut oil that is produced here is marketed all over Tamil Nadu, and also in other states like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh, and is also exported. Coconut kernel is first allowed to dry on large fields made for this purpose, and then processed in oil mills to produce coconut oil. There are about 150 coconut oil manufacturing units in and around Kangeyam, and about 500 kopra processing and drying units in Kangeyam Taluk. The town is a very important rice and oil market in Tamil Nadu, and is called the “Rice and Oil Town”. Ghee and Ornamental stone production is a major business in Kangeyam. The stone that is produced is known as “Moon Stone”, and is exported to other countries.

United carbon is charcoal manufacturing company located in kangayam. Few other companies likes welding wire manufacturing, are located within Kangayam. Many spinning mills and knitting manufacturing and processing units are located in kangayam as it is close to Tiruppur .

The Kangeyam bull is a cattle breed that is indigenous to the area around Kangeyam. There are two varieties of Kangeyam cattle. The Kangeyam bull is known for its superior draught strength and adaptability to poor nutritional conditions. They have a compact body with short, stout legs, strong hooves, a short neck and a firm hump, and are usually grey or white in colour.