Sewerage Existing Situation

Kancheepuram is one of the Pilgrimage towns with existing  under ground Sewerage drainage system.It was designed in the year of 1975 for the population of 1.41.000 and en estimated capacity of 9.00 MLD with 23426 Nos of House Service Connection with a cost of Rs.134.00 Lakhs.

The Rehabilitation Scheme has been taken up as per the policy note of the Government for Under Ground Sewerage Scheme and also left out areas of unsewered areas of cities where already UGSS taken up and completed.  The Government has accorded administrative sanction for Rs.17.06 Crores by the G.O (3D) No.18 MAWS Dated 30.12.2009 with 2189 Nos of House Service Connection.

Sewer Line of Collection System                                   33.098 Kms

Construction of STP

West Zone                                                                            8.87 MLD

East Zone                                                                              5.84 MLD

The existing sewerage treatment plant is located in Thirukalimedu.  The Total extent is 112 acres out of which 86.00 acres is acquired and 26 acres is government owned unusable land.  In the total area of 112 acres, the area of Solid waste Management is 39.40 acres and the balance area is 72.60 acres which is allotted  for Sewerage Treatment Plant including Sewerage farming.