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History and Growth of the Town

Kancheepuram served as the historical capital of Pallavas during 6th  to 8th  century AD Later, it became the citadel of Cholas, Vijayanagar Kings, the Mughals and the British.  The town has been the Centre of Tamil learning, culture and of religious importance for centuries.  Since time immemorial, the town is known for its fine silk sarees in the country.  It is a place of international tourism importance because of the magnificent temples of unique architectural style and beauty, that heralds the glory of the Dravidian culture.  Adi Shankaracharya established his Episcopal seat viz.  Kamakoti peetam in Kancheepuram. Incidentally it is the birth place of Thiru C.N.Annadurai, a highly revered former Chief Minister of the State.