Water Supply


Existing Situation

The town is provided with protected water supply from the year from river 1. Gomugi River at distance of 1 Km, 2. Thenpennai river distance 72.00 Km from town. In the upstream side of the Pennaiyar River two numbers of infiltration wells and gallery is provided for the improved of water supply.

Drinking Water supplied through 84.273 Km length of distribution system in alternate days, the  population benefited by the system  is 52507.


Regular Schemes

29.25 Lakhs Litre

Mini Power Pump


Hand Pump


 Other local sources

9.50 Lakhs Litre


38.75 Lakhs Litre

Water Quality

The treated water sample test for the town indicates that the PH value (6.90) is below the permissible limits of 6.5 to 8.5 for the drinking purpose. And the turbidity level of NTU against the norms of 10 NTU indicates (yellow in color), which is normally allowed for the drinking purpose; otherwise the water is very safe in quality.

Storage and Distribution System

The current practice of water transmission and distribution indicate that the water is drawn through pumping from the sources and transmitted to the Ground level service Reservoirs located at zones. Then the water is distributed for the local supply through individual service connections and public stand posts located at the various locations.

From Manalurpet CWSS & Rishivandhiyam CWSS totally 29.25 Lakh Litre supplied daily and supplied to the public. 7510 Domestic House Service connections. 31 Non Domestic Service connections. Apart from these water is supplied through  228 Mini Power Pumps, Power Pumps & Open Wells. Present status of water supply is maintained at the rate of 74 LPCD without any interruption.

The total water supplied and overall supply is maintained for 3.875 MLD through public distribution system. This invariably indicates the existence of good supply and distribution system. However, the water supply during the summer season is poor due to low level of water in the reservoirs, non – availability of water in the streams and sudden influx.

Distribution Network

The existing distribution system comprises of distribution network from the service reservoirs to the individual house service connections and  which covers 100% of the total municipal road length (79.823 Km) in the town. The existing network system is laid out to cover dense population located in the different parts of the town. At present, the water is distributed for duration of 2 hours in a normal day to cover different wards in the town.

Demand and Supply

The overall demand and supply of water in Kallakurichi town indicates that the existing supply of 3.875 MLD is not adequate for the present population.