Engineering Section

The Municipal Engineer is the over-all in-charge of Engineering Section.  Municipal Engineer is controlling the Junior Engineer, Technical Assistant, Wireman, Helper and Fitter working in the section. The Municipal Engineer looks after the maintenance, Street lights, Road laying, construction of building and drainage, Maintenance of parks, head works and municipal vehicles.  The other subordinate officers are assisting the Engineer to look after the above work.

Sl.No Name(Thiru/Tmt) Designation
1 Thiru.Stanley Jebasingh.R Municipal Engineer
2 Thiru.Ravichandran Junior  Engineer
3 Thiru.Nagarajan Driver
4 Thiru.Syril Stephen.R Wireman
5 Thiru.Haja Sheriff Wireman
6 Thiru.Samuthiram.P Wireman Helper
7 Thiru.Magesh.M Wireman Helper
8 Thiru.Kaja Mohideen.P Fitter
9 Thiru.Sivakumar.S Electrician Gr-II
10 Tmt.Malathi.A Cleaner
11 Thiru.Mahadevan.V Water Tank Watchman
12 Thiru.Arivalagan.M Water Tank Watchman