Water Supply

No. of Over Head Tanks with Capacity
1. Ashok Nagar 4.00 Lakhs liter
2. Kodiyur 4.00 Lakhs Liter
3. Ossinattan Vattam 1.00 Lakhs Liter
4. Pudur 1.00 Lakhs Liter
5.Anibiran Vattam 0.60 Lakhs Liter
6. Annamalai Vattam 1.00 Lakhs Liter
7. Rama Reddiyur 1.00 Lakhs Liter
8. Jayamatha Nagar 1.00 Lakhs Liter
9. Valatiyur 1.00 Lakhs Liter
Total 14.60 Lakhs Liter
No. of Distribution Zone 9 Nos.
Length of Pumping Main 15 K.M.
Total Distribution Main 42.470 K.M.
Total No. of Public Fountain 86 Nos.
Pumping Details
Local Sources 0.00 MLD
Total 17.50 MLD
LPCD Frequency 90 LPCD
Frequency Alternate Days
No. of Mini Power Pump 240 Nos.
No. of Hand Pump Bore Well 86 Nos.
No. of Open Wells
No. of Water Supply Lorry
Total No. of House Service Connections
Domestic 2757 Nos.
Non Domestic 2 Nos.
Total 2759 Nos.
House Service Deposit Domestic Rs.7500/-
Non Domestic Rs.13000/-
Industrial Rs.15000/-
Tariff Domestic Rs.80/- Month
Non Domestic Rs.250/- Month
Industrial Rs.250/- Month