Water Supply


Jayankondam is served with protected water supply since 1974 through an Integrated Water Supply System. Coleroon rivers are the major source identified for water supply. There is a shortage of water supplied by the local body to its inhabitants, which are highlighted in the ensuing sections:


Jayankondam town has its supply from the river Coleroon at Kodalikaruppur, which is 16.40 km away from the town and the scheme was implemented during 1974. Due to poor yield, especially during summer period, an improvement scheme was approved and implemented during 2002 with the river Coleroon as source near Kodalikaruppur at 16.40 km away from the town

Source of Water Supply – Jayankondam Municipality



Jayankondam Water Supply Scheme 1

Improvement Scheme

Source Coleroon River Coleroon River
Distance from the Town 16.40 km 16.40 km
Year of Installation of water works 1974 2002
Transmission Type Pumping Pumping
Head works Kodalikaruppur Kodalikaruppur
Total no. of infiltration wells 2 4
Average water table (M) 5.00 5.00
Hours of Pumping / Day 20  20
OHTs served (Capacity in MLD) Kodalikaruppur –  0.90
Kodalikaruppur –   0.90
Kodalikaruppur –  0.30
Kodalikaruppur   0.30
Kodalikaruppur – 0.30
Kodalikaruppur –  0.30
Total Water Supply Per Day :-
Total No: HSC :-
Percapita :-
Transmission line :-
Distribution line :-
24 Lakhs litres
3157 Nos
16.40 KM