General Information



• To improve the overall efficiency in SWM System and provide better quality of life.


• To provide 100% door to door garbage collection service.
• Segregation of garbage at source level itself into bio and non-biodegradable
• To keep the street free from garbage and dust through street sweeping and mopping
• To motivate the workforce and ensure better output interms of garbage collection
• To minimize total costs related to solid waste management
• Eradication / Prohibition of dumping solid wastes into open drains/water sources and roadsides
• Reduction of multiple handling of wastes
• To create awareness among the people for better disposal practices
• Efficiency in vehicle usage and their productivity.
• Generation of organic manures & tying up with Agrofed for marketing
• Collection of administrative charges and penalties

Sanitary Divisions – 1
Sanitary Workers required
as per norms – 30
Sanitary Workers Sanctioned – 25
Present workers available – 24
Vacant post – 6

Wards covered by
Municipal Workers – 21
Wards covered by
Privatization – Nil

Garbage generated per day : 12.00 MT

Garbage clearing work done by Municipality
Wards : 21
Projected Population : 44285
The garbage generated per day : 12.00MT