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The Sri Gangaiyamman Koil is situated on the bank of Gowndaniya river. The temple extends about 150 feet North-South and extends about 250 feet East-West. The Goddess (MOOLAVAR ) stands upon Simmha Peetam and posture symbolize as pious and pleasant in nature. Next to the Moolavar mandapam , a sprawling mandapam has been constructed as the SIRASU Mandapam

where the head of the Goddess Renuga Devi ( Sri Gangaiyamman ) is being placed in festival day.

SIRASU FESTIVAL starts with the event called as “KAPPU KATTUTHAL” which commences prior to 15 days of Ist Vaigasi. On the previous day of Ist Vaigasi , car festival is being celebrated with devotion and enthusiasm. The SIRASU FESTIVAL takes place on Ist Vaigasi .

SIRASU FESTIVAL is being celebrated on Ist Vaigasi. On the 3rd day , to give dharsam to the public , the Goddess is placed in PUSHPA VIMANAM which decorated using flowers by flower artists and the pushpa vimanam is being carried to all over the town. The festival is being celebrated on the following Historical event. The Goddess, Renuga Devi used to bring water daily in a mud pot by the venture of Her purity. One day , on seeing Kantharvara man , Renuga Devi was astonished. Resulting of this , Renuga Devi could not make a mud pot for fetching water. Jamathakkini , a saint and the husband of Renuga Devi , annoyed for not bringing water in time for the prayer and ordered one of the sons Parasuraman to sever the head of Renuga Devi. Without hestitation , Parasuraman , the son of Jamathakkini , executed his father’s order by severed the head of the mother Renuga Devi. Jamathakkini asked his son whether he wanted a boon for the execution of his order. Parasuraman without hesitation , asked his father to bring his mother Renuga Devi alive.

Jamathakkini gave the boon to Parasuraman as desired. Due to immenseness and astonishment, Parasuraman misplaced the head of his mother Renuga Devi to another woman’s body and made his mother alive by pouring scared water. The womanhood purity and father’s words as manthra are emphasised as great and unique to the mankind. This historical happening is being celebrated in remembrance of alive of mother Renuga Devi as SIRASU FESTIVAL on Ist Vaigai of every year. To give impetus of the festival , the Government declares local holiday to enable the public to participate and to get blessings of the Goddess. Around 2 lakh pilgrims attending the festival with devotion.


The Government of Tamil Nadu in PWD Dated 28.05.1990 have sanctioned this scheme at a cost of Rs.1950 Lakhs for the Construction of a Reservoir across the Koundinya Nadhi near Mordhana Village of Gudiyatham Taluk in Vellore District in Tamil Nadu. The Technical sanction for this scheme has been accorded for Rs.2145 Lakhs . Distance between

Gudiyatham Town to Mordhana around 30 km. Koundinya Nadhi is tributary of Palar river. It originates and flows from Punganur in Palamaner Taluk of Andhra Predesh and flows through Palamaner and Naikaneri Reserve forest and enters Tamil Nadu at a distance of 5.00 Km above Mordhana Village in Gudiyatham Taluk.

This scheme works were commenced during October 1990. This Reservoir will indirectly serve as a flood moderator. This will store the flood flows and will be available for use of it whenever needed to give regulated and assured supply to the existing ayacuts of 3387 hectares. The work was awarded to M/s. East Coast Construction and Industries Ltd., Chennai . Project Programme and completed on 21.3.2001 and storage commenced.




The original scope of the scheme is to cover the ayacut under Koundinyanadhi and Palar river on both sides up to Vellore, by way of stablising the existing ayacut and bridging the gap besides improving ground water potential in the command area. The construction of dam was completed during the year 2000 and canal works were completed during 2003. The dam got filled up during 2000 and 2001 and the water was released in the river in the lean season. The dam received partial quantity of water (35%) during 2003 and the water was released through canals during February – March 2004 for one week only.

As the canals system was completed only during 2003, and dam received meager quantity of water during 2003 & 2004 (due to severe drought) the expected benefits could not be realized. However, the ground water potential improved substantially in the command area in the years 2001, 2002 & 2004, due to release of water from the dam. The farmers of the command area is happy that they will get assured supply of water for their ayacut in the years to come.




Height of dam : 24.89 M

Length of uncontrolled spillway : 398 m

Full reservoir level : 345.000 M

Maximum water level : 350.210 M

Length of dam : 475 M

Reservoir capacity : 215.27 acres

Annual storage : 17.35 M. CUM. (or) 612.60 mcft.

Water spread area : 87.11 Hec.

Total catchment area : 1449

Dam work commenced on : 10 / 1990 (State Fund)

Scheme works commenced : 21.03.1998 ( W.R.C.P )

( Balanced works )

Works completed on : 21.03.2001