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History and Growth of the Town

Historically the existence of the town is very well found in ancient inscription of Kulothunga Cholan 1st regime during 1705 A.D. This town is surrounded by a good number of temples. This town surpassed enrichment and advancement due to these good number of temples. To add glory of the existence of the town , an inscription of 14th Century found at Chenji ( now in Cuddalore District ) also reveals that existence of the town in the name of “ GUDI-YETRAM ”.

Temple of Kappuleeswarar is in existence during the period of Kulothunkkan 1st dynasty. During the regime , the king had denoted 90 ghots for maintenance and for purchase of oild for lighting. This inscriptions are found in Kappuleeswarar temple Nandi Veeda inscription. The ancient temple has been built at Nallore ( Alias ) Jayamkonda Sadurvedi Mangalam . This town has been donated by the king , Kulothungan, followed , the victory of Thondai Mandalam regions. The temple has been further modified and renovated by Vijayanakara Kings. The temple is a symbol of monuments of both Chola and Vijayanakara Kingdoms.

The area around the Kappuleeswarar temple situated at ancient “ Nallore ” is now named and called as Nellorepettai.

The occupation of the ancient town is artistic weaving by manual viz., Handloom weaving . To add glory of the profession and industry the Handloom weaved National flag which was prepared by weavers of this town was hoisted at New Delhi – Redfort being the 1st Indian National flag. In appreciation of this, the national leaders viz., Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabai Patel in their letter dated 12.08.1947 has commented and complimented the weavers.

Gudiyatham Municipality was constituted as third grade in the year 1886 and as second grade on 27th March 1973 and was upgraded as first grade as per G.O.Ms.No.143 dated 25.01.1973 RD & LA Department. The revenue villages included in the Municipality are Pitchanur, Kondasamudram and Sedukkarai and the extent of the local planning Area after the fresh surveys conducted is 4.71 sq. km. Total population of the Gudiyatham town is 91452 as per 2001 census record. Number of slums in the town is 9 which constitutes population about 8651 and number of unnotified slum in the town is 14 which constitutes population 7774. The total number of people in the below poverty line is about 4756. Total number of house holds of the Gudiyattam Town is 19016. Gudiyatham Municipality has 36 wards which constitutes 19 wards for General , 12 wards reserved for women , 2 wards reserved for SC woman and 3 wards reserved for SC men for local body election purpose. Location of the Municipal Office The Municipal Office is situated opposite to the old bus stand.