Water Supply


At present, the water for Dindigul City Municipal Corporation is drawn from two  sources. The first scheme is “Athoor Kamarajar Sagar water supply scheme” having source at Kamarajar Sagar reservoir near Athoor village – a surface water source situated about 22km from the Dindigul Town. The another  scheme, “Cauvery combined water supply improvement scheme” was implemented during the year 2006, with source located about 92km away from the town and maintained by TWAD Board. The second scheme is “Peranai water supply scheme” implemented during the year 1985 from Vaigai river bed at Sithargalnatham village near Peranai regulator which is located about 42km away from the town and drawn 4.00 MLD and now this source does not pumped and pumping main was abandoned.

Dindigul City Municipal Corporation is supplying 190 Lakh Litres per day of water through an internal water distribution network; and water is supplied daily with a supply level of 86 lpcd during normal days. At present out of 48 wards in 38 wards daily supply and remaining 10 wards alternate day supply has been ensured with an supply level of 80 Lpcd and two hours duration.



The water supply requirement of Dindigul town is met from the following existing sources


Details of Present Water supply schemes for Dindigul Town

Scheme Source Year Source Designed Quantity (MLD)  Quantity Received (MLD)
I Athoor Kamarajar Sagar Dam 1962 Kooliyar & Kodaganar river 9.60 and 16.80

Old and new water supply scheme

II Cauvery Combined Water Supply Scheme 2006 River Cauvery 19.21

(for the ultimate stage)

Total 35.61 19.00



This source is reliable, serves drinking water throughout the year. Athoor headworks is having one intake valve tower of 3m diameter for drawing surface water of Kamarajar Sagar dam through five storages at different levels. From intake tower, the water reaches to the Treatment Unit  by gravity and  it is pumped to the town.

The water from Athoor headworks is pumped to clear water rectangular GLSR constructed in the hillock at Rockfort booster pumping station. A booster station is located at Rockfort. The water stored in Rockfort reservoir is pumped again to overhead tanks situated at different places  of the town, apart from distribution directly to the zone on the western part of the Town.


This scheme was commissioned in the year 1985 with headworks having seven infiltration wells. But at present, as there is no water in the Vaigai River, this is not functioning for the past 15 years.


Cauvery Combined Water Supply Scheme is maintained by TWAD Board and from this scheme, water is supplied to town through a net work of service reservoirs and distribution system.


Recently completed schemes


Improvement of Water Supply Scheme –JICA Scheme

Athoor is a most possible source to Dindigul City Municipal Corporation. The existing Athoor Water supply scheme is functioning since 1962. The  existing pipe lines are not functioning well due to the age and life of the pipe lines. Hence the estimate for improvement of Athoor Water supply scheme has been  sanctioned  for an Project Cost of Rs.70.50 Crores under JICA & IUDM scheme and Administrative Sanction has been accorded vide GO.Ms No. 55 MAWS(MA2) Department dated 14.05.2014.This scheme designed with total quantity of 45 MLD in the ultimate stage of  year  2045,  assuming 19.21 MLD quantity of water which is to be received from Cauvery Combined Water Supply Scheme and 26 MLD from Athoor Kamarajar Sagar Dam. The Work order has been issued on 18.02.2015.This work includes providing transmission pumping main from Athoor dam for a length of 22 km, Laying of HDPE  distribution pipe for a length of 227 km, Construction of 16.80 Mld Water Treatment Plant and Construction  of 1 No of 10 LL OHT and 3 Nos of 6 LL OHT with in Dindigul Corporation limit. The work has been completed in all aspects and put in to use from 10.1.2019.

Augumentation of Additional Source at Athoor Kamarajar Sagar Dam 

In Dindigul Corporation Providing Additional Storage Reservoir and Deepening the existing Storage area in Athoor Dam of Dindigul District has been sanctioned for Rs.20.00 Crore vide G.O (MS) No.126 Municipal Administration and Water Supply (MC-II) Department  Dated: 14.08.2015 under Infra Gap Filling and Operation and Maintenance Fund. Scope of this work is to provide additional storage Reservoir to a capacity of 800 ML & 714 ML by deepening of existing storage Dam. This work also completed and the total capacity of the Dam is increased to 1514 ML in addition to the existing capacity.