Public Health

The City Health Officer is the overall in-charge of the Health Section. He looks after the  conservatory work, sweeping streets, maintenance of drainage, controlling of epidemic diseases, ensuring of license to D&O trades, Birth and Death Registration, issuing certificate to birth and death registration. The  Sanitary Inspector, Sanitary Supervisor and Sanitary Workers are assisting the City Health Officer. The City Health Officer is held responsible for the segregation of garbage and also sent to I.V.R Plants.

Sl.No. Name Designation
Thiruvalargal/ Thirumathigal
1 Dr.Parithavani City Health Officer
2 Alamelu Mangayarkarasi R Assistant
3 John Peter A Sanitary Officer
4 Vijay Anand S Sanitary Officer
5 Sebastine Sanitary Officer
6 Krishnaraj Sanitary Officer
7 Kamaraj V Sanitary Inspector
8 Balamurugan M Sanitary Inspector
9 Mohammed Anifa S Sanitary Inspector
10 Thatchina Moorthy S Sanitary Inspector
11 Rengaraj R Sanitary Inspector
12 Selva Rani Sanitary Inspector
13 Leela Priya Sanitary Inspector
14 Geetha J Sanitary Inspector
15 Lavanya J Sanitary Inspector
16 Kesavan M Sanitary Inspector
17 Periyasamy K Sanitary Supervisor
18 Pandiarajan Sanitary Supervisor
19 Ravi A Sanitary Supervisor
20 Ravichandran Driver
21 Nagendran R Driver
22 Muniappan (a) Muniyandi Driver
23 Charles Gnanamuthu Driver
24 Murugesan Driver
25 Karthick Richard Driver
26 John Pitchai Muthu Prabhakar Driver
27 Chinnasamy M Driver
28 Murugan P Driver
29 Muniyandi Office Assistant


Sl.No. Name Designation
1 M.Muthukumar Medical Officer
3 Harikrishnan Medical Officer
4 Mohammed Fazil A Medical Officer
5 SELVAKUMAR E  Medical Officer
5 Vacant Assistant
6 Vijaya P Sector Helath Nurse
7 Shanthi M Sector Helath Nurse
8 Vijayalakshmi P Urban Health Nurse
9 Uma S Urban Health Nurse
10 Pappathi Urban Health Nurse
11 Vijayalakshmi K Urban Health Nurse
12 Selvi M Urban Health Nurse
13 Susila Mary S Urban Health Nurse
14 Rajeshwari Urban Health Nurse
15 Kanagalakshmi K Urban Health Nurse
16 Nageshwari A Urban Health Nurse
17 Vasuki Urban Health Nurse
18 Manjula Urban Health Nurse
19 Tamil Vani Urban Health Nurse
20 Suriya Kala S Urban Health Nurse
21 Maniyammal P Urban Health Nurse
22 Sathyabama  Urban Health Nurse
23 Rosemary Urban Health Nurse
24 Meenatchi C.T. Urban Health Nurse
25 Jayalakshmi R Urban Health Nurse
26 Shanthi R Urban Health Nurse
27 K. Asaipen Urban Health Nurse
28 Pavunammal Sector Health Nurse


Sl.No. Name Designation
1 Uma Devi N Medical officer
2 Ranjitham N Sector Health Nurse
3 Dhayanithi Maternity Assistant
4 Vacant Maternity Assistant
5 Padmavathi Maternity Assistant
6 Jothimani Maternity Assistant
7 Shanthi G Maternity Assistant
8 Murugambal Maternity Assistant
9 Nirmala C Maternity Assistant
10 Rajathi S Maternity Assistant
11 Senthamil Selvi P Maternity Assistant
12 Rajalakshmi Maternity Assistant
13 Victoria V Maternity Assistant
14 Maheswari G Office Assistant
15 Vacant Night Watchman


Sl.No. Name Designation


P.Padmanaban Field Assistant


Sl.No. Name Designation
1 Aravindhan P Medical Officer
2 Satheesh Kumar T Medical Officer
3 Vacant Medical Officer
4 Poongavanam Female Nursing Assistant
5 Vacant Female Nursing Assistant
6 Vacant Mazdoor
7 Vimala R Pharmacist
8 Amudha P Pharmacist