Public Health


The Municipal Sanitary Officer is the overall in-charge of the Health Section. He looks after the prevention of Food Adulteration, conservatory work, sweeping Streets, maintenance of Drainage, controlling of epidemic diseases, ensuring of license to D&O trades, Birth and Death Registration, issuing certificate to birth and death registration. The Sanitary Supervisor, Sanitary Inspector and Sanitary Workers are assisting the Municipal Sanitary Officer. The Municipal Sanitary Officer is held responsible for the segregation of garbage’s .

Sl.No Name (Thiru/Tmt) Designation
1 S.Rajarathinam Sanitary Officer
2 P.Ramanacharan Sanitary Inspector
3 R.Govindarajan Sanitary Inspector
4 M.Chandrakumar Sanitary Inspector
5 G.Suseendiran Sanitary Inspector
6 R.Govindaraj Sanitary Supervisor
7 S.Murugan Sanitary Supervisor
8 Vacant Sanitary Supervisor
9 Vacant Sanitary Supervisor
10 M.Saravanan Sanitary Supervisor
11 P.Madhiyan Sanitary Supervisor
12 Vacant Sanitary Supervisor
13 R.Vadivel Sanitary Supervisor
14 R.Madhiyan Sanitary Supervisor
15 C.Chinnasamy Sanitary Supervisor
16 Vacant Field Assistant
17 D.K.Vijayanantham Driver
18 R.Venkataramani Driver
19 G.Sakthivel Driver
20 Vaccant Driver
21 R.Saravanan Driver
22 T.Sivakumar Driver
23 P.Gopal Driver
24 V.Koverthan Driver
25 Vacant Driver
26 Vacant Driver
27 Vacant Driver
28 C.Kaliyappan Cleaner
29 Vacant Cleaner


The Women Medical Officer is the overall in-charge of the Maternity Centre. She looks after the Delivery,

Puls polio and all immunization works.

Sl.No Name


1 Vacant Women Medical Officer
2 P.Lakshmi Maternity Assistant
3 P.Thulasi Maternity Assistant
4 N.Kalaivani Maternity Assistant
5 A.Sagaya  Mery Maternity Assistant
6 M.Dhanalakshmi Maternity Ayah
7 M.Selvi Maternity Ayah
8 Vaccant Maternity Ayah
9 M.Harilakshmi Maternity Ayah
10 P.Sadhasivam Night Watch man