Solid Waste Management


Dharapuram Municipality comprises of 30 wards with the total population of 64128 as per 2018 study with 16032 households in the Municipality.  In these total households 100%of Door  to Door collection and 92% of Source Segregation is being achieved.

Action Plan:

            100% Door to Door collection and Source Segregation is a continuous  process  and it will be achieved as soon as possible.  Prevention of burning and throwing waste into water bodies is reduced and achieved. Communication of reduce, Recycle and Reuse concept is a continuous process and the education to the public have been given in this regard.  And Bye law pertaining to the Solid Waste  Management rule 2016 and Plastic Waste Management rule 2016 was framed and implemented.  Processing facility for wet waste was fully completed and put in to use.

  Disposal Mechanism of dry waste is being practiced and it is a continuous process.  The Collected Salable  plastic waste are permitted to be sold by the workers themselves as an incentive to motivate the workers to play a key role in this collection mechanism.  Identification of storage facility for domestic  hazardous waste and E-waste has been achieved.


Compost Yard 1 No. (10.07 Acres)
1 (5 MT, Nanjiyampalayam Village
Total Municipal Area 7.02 Sq K.m
No.of Ward Door to Door Collection 1 to 30 Ward
Quantity of Garbage 18 MT (per day)
No.of Vehicle  
No. of BOV 40 Nos
No. of LCV 3 Nos
Sanitary Workers
No. of Sanitary Workers Sanctioned 151
No. of Sanitary Workers as per G.O 101 256
Available (Permanant 35 + Outsourcing) 174
Wet Waste Generation 12.5 MT
No. of MCC – 2 Weekly Market Area, Old Housing Unit 6 MT
Compost Yard Windrows 5 MT
1 No. of OCC Children’s Park 0.100 Kg