Water Supply

General Devakottai Municipality is First grade Municipality in  Sivagangai District. Total area of town is 12.42 sq.kms . In Devakottai Municipality, the total population of the town is 51865 as per 2011 census.  It has 27 electoral wards.
Present water supply Position of Water Supply At present 4.18 MLD of water is drawn from own source(Borewell).Water is supplied daily for 1 hours with 81 LPCD.
Details of water supply Scheme Source of water supply from Ground water. Daily 4.18MLD of water is drawn from the 52 nos of Borewell. The designed quantity is 4.67 MLD.
Details of BW/HP/MPP/PP At Present 53 Nos of Mini Power Pumps and 52 Power Pumps are maintained by the Municipality. They are used for other Purposes. No Hand pumps in this Municipality.
Details of Lorry Supply Nil
Details of Water supply works taken up Nil
Details of Area covered under Water Supply Drinking water is supplied to equally to all areas
Action Plan Existing Water supply scheme is Sufficient. Hence there is no necessity for further major improvement works in water supply.