Procedure for availing services, obtaining licences from the municipality including the fees, if any to be remitted


Sl.No. Name of the Service Responsible Official Fees Details No. of Days
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
1. Water Supply Connection Municipal Engineer See also  7
2. Sewerage Connection No
3. Assessment of Tax Revenue Inspector 30 
4. Payment of tax, Fees Cashier &

Collection in Charge

At once
5. All Licences including trade, building licences
a) D&O Licence Sanitary Inspector  At once
b) PFA Licence Sanitary Inspector  At once
c) Building Survey Licence Town Planning Inspector At once
6. Layout Approval Town Planning Inspector  15
7. Repairs to various services provided by the municipality
a) House Service Connection

1. Replacement of defective meter

2. Rectification of pollution in drinking water supply 

3. Arresting of Leakage of water in the mains

4. Minor repairs

5. Major repairs

6. Repairs to hand pumps

7. Repairs to public fountain

8. Repairs to India Mark 2 pumps / Bore wells

9. Deficiency in chlorinating

10. For prevention of Fire

Water Works overseer  


15 days


24 Hours


24 hours


2 days

3 days

3 days

2 days


7 days

24 hours

At once

b) Street Lights Electrician  2
8. Solid and liquid Waste removal Sanitary Inspector 2
9. Water Supply for special occasions Water Works Overseer Nil 
10. Reservation for Travellers Buglow, Kalyana Mandapam and other similar services Nil  Nil
11. Animal Control – to avoid nuisance created by stray animals like dogs, pigs etc., Sanitary Inspector  Not specified
12. Registration of Birth & Deaths Sanitary Inspector 3
13. Crematorium, Burial and burning ground services Nil  Nil
14. Others Nil