About City

Location of the town

Devakottai is the principal residence of Nattukkottai chettiars, they came from Koviripoom Pattinam in Nagapattinam district few centuries ago. Near Koviripoom Pattinam there was a place called Devakottai and the immigrants named this place also as “Devakottai” in remembrance of descendant and their nativity. The Tamil meaning of Devi is Goddess and fort is Kottai. The name “Devikottai” which in course of time was corrupted as “Devakottai”

Transportation Linkages

Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation buses are plying between Devakottai to  Karaikudi, Pudukkottai, Trichy, Coimbatore and Tamilnadu State Express buses are operating from Coimbatore and Chennai and some private transport companies operates bus services to and from Devakottai town.


The maximum temperature during summer is 39°c and during winter it is 29°c. The minimum temperature varies from 35°c to 38°c. The mean humidity is 56.3%, which varies from 45.6% to 63.8%. The seasonal climate conditions are moderate and the weather is uniformly salubrious.

Rain Fall

The town gets major rainfall during the south west monsoon period. The Annual normal rainfall varies from 300 mm to 800 mm. The average annual rainfall being received in the town is 770 mm.

Nature of Soil

The major group of soils that are found in the town are black and red varieties. The red soil constitutes 90 percent while black soil only 10 percent.