General Section

Colachel Municipality is the First Grade Municipality.  Manager is the head of Administration next to Commissioner in the branch of General Administration, and he is responsible for general supervision and Administration of Office.  All Establishment matters dealt with the General Administration.

Sl.No Name(Thiru/Tmt) Designation


Thiru.K. Jeyan Bellarmen


Thiru. Rajeeswaran
3 Tmt.M. Sankari  Assistant
4 Thiru. Kulasekarapandian
5 Tmt.V.Ruckmoni Junior Assistant
Thiru.G.Kalimuthu Junior Assistant
Thiru.V. Balasubramanian
Junior Assistant
Junior Assistant
Junior Assistant
10 Selvi. Thanya
Junior Assistant
11 Vacant Typist
Thiru.M. Hari
Office Assistant
Thiru.S.  Ramachandran
Office Assistant
14 Thiru. Kaliappan
Office Assistant


Manager is Head of General Section. His duty includes general supervision of the ministerial staff, maintenance of discipline in the office premises to sign fair copies as “for Commissioner’ and to sign receipts for all remittances made in the Municipal Treasury to acknowledge registered office letters, Money orders intumesce etc on behalf of the Commissioner and Account properly for the custodian of the cash collected daily-checking of Chitta and Cash and Petty cash, pavement advance etc Administration report-Annual Inspection of the office checking of PR’s of all staff and subsidiary registers in respect of all section. All papers should counted through the Manager except Engineer section and Health section.

All Maters relating to Establishment including P.H. Maintenance of Increment & Punishment registers etc., Maintenance of service Registers-register of Probationers-Maintenance of temporary of permanent Post sanction register-Daily of Pension & DCRG for all Establishment Audit Register-issue of Office order-common office order book-Maintenance of stock file- Maintenance of personal Register & Audit objection register. Inspection reports.

 Junior Assistant :- (A1, B1, C1 and H1)

Property Tax, Water Charges, Profession Tax,  Lease ,  Register of Advance/ Deposit, Accounts, Provident Fund and Special Provident Fund, Election, Census etc.,


Fair copying (Tamil & English) Maintenance of fair copy Register-Maintenance of  C.L.

Despatcher :- (Office Assistant)

Distribution of   Office Letters  – Dispatching of  Office Letters  by post & Local Delivery- Circulation of Gazette among the officers-Maintenance of   Office Letters  distribution Register-Local Delivery book stamp amount for ordinary and registered Office Letters  – special Office Letters  register – Office Letters  Register of Commissioner of Municipal Administration-   Maintenance of Record Room .