Municipal Commissioner

Municipal Commissioner
Office Address Main Road,
Near Bus Stand,
Colachel – 629251
Phone 04651-226892 Office: 04651-226229
E – Mail

Previous Commissioners and In-charge Details:

Commissioners Name


Thiru.D. Senthil Kumarm Municipal Commissioner

Thiru.P. Venkatalakshmanan, Municipal Commissioner

Thiru.D. Senthil Kumar, Municipal Commissioner

Thiru. K. Mony, Municipal Engineer & Commissioner

11.03.2024  to  till date

18.01.2024 F.N.  to 8.3.2024

28.02.2023 F.N.  to  17.01.2024

From 20.05.2022AN to 27.02.2023

Thiru.N.Rajamanickam, Municipal Commissioner From 01.12.2021FN to 20.05.2022FN
Tmt.T.S.Jeeva, Municipal Engineer & Commissioner(i/c) From 13.08.2021AN to 30.11.2021AN
Tmt.T.Prema, Manager & Commissioner(D)
From 03.08.2021AN to 13.08.2021FN
Tmt.S.Jeyanthi, Municipal Engineer & Commissioner(i/c) From 31.05.2021 FN to 03.08.2021FN
Thiru.S.Natrayan, Sanitary Officer & Commissioner(i/c) From 22.02.2021 FN to 30.05.2021AN
Tmt.S.Jeyanthi, Municipal Engineer & Commissioner(i/c) From 24.06.2020FN to 21.02.2021 AN
Tmt.T.Prema, Manager & Commissioner(i/c)
From 07.04.2020FN to 23.06.2020AN
Thiru.K.Mony, Municipal Engineer & Commissioner(i/c) From 25.11.2019AN to 06.04.2020AN
Tmt.K.Sudha, Municipal Commissioner From 14.09.2019 to 25.11.2019FN
Tmt.T.Prema (Manager & Municipal Commissioner (i/c)) From 17.05.2019 to 14.09.2019
Thiru.T.Murugavel (S.O. & Municipal Commissioner i/c)) From 18.02.2019 to 16.05.2019
Tmt.T.Prema (Municipal Commissioner (i/c) From 14.02.2019AN to 17.02.2019
Thiru.P.Egaraj (Municipal Commissioner) From 10.09.2018 to 14.02.2019FN
Thiru.K. Saravanakumar(Municipal Commissioner(i/c) From 24.08.2017 to 09.09.2018
Thiru.K.Krishnamoorthi (Municipal  Commissioner(i/c) From 22.05.2017 to 23.08.2017
Thiru.A.Thanumoorthi (Municipal  Commissioner(i/c) From 07.03.2017 to 21.05.2017
Tmt.R.Geetha,B.E   (Town Planning Inspector and Commissioner(i/c) From 26.08.2016 to 06.03.2017
Thiru.A.Venkatachalam,B.E   (Municipal Engineer and Commissioner(i/c) From 04.03.2016FN to 25.08.2016
Thiru.P.Gurusamy,B.E (Municipal Engineer and Commissioner(i/c) From 09.02.2015FN to 02.03.2016AN
Thiru.S.Suresh,B.E   (Municipal Engineer and Commissioner(i/c) From 03.07.2014AN to 09.02.2015FN
Thiru.Mathew Joseph (Municipal  Commissioner(i/c) From 07.03.2014 to 03.07.2014FN
Thiru.S.Suresh,B.E   (Municipal Engineer and Commissioner(i/c) From 02.02.2012 to 06.03.2014
Thiru.A.Sardar (Municipal Commissioner) From 22.07.2009 to 01.02.2012
Thiru.M.A.Loganathan (Municipal Commissioner) From 09.07.2007 to 17.07.2009