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History and Growth of the Town

Colachel Municipality is a First Grade Municipallity as per G.O.Ms.No.238, dated 02.12.2008 situated on the west coast of Kanyakumari District in Tamil Nadu State. It was constituted on 01-10-1920. The nearest town is Nagercoil, 20 kms away from this town which happens to be the District Headquarters of Kanyakumari District. Colachel is a Historical place. Before the state reorganisation in 1956 it was part of the erstwhile Travancore State. Wasco-da-Gama called it ‘COLACHI’.

Bartolameo speaks of the place ‘COLACHEY’ well known to the ancients. It was a Dutch Colony, which came under Travancore after the defeat of the Dutch by king Marthanda Varma in 1751 for which a victory pillar was commemorated near the beach. The importance of Colachel is due to the existence of a port on the west coast of Tamil Nadu in the Arabian sea – from historical times which is remarkable for the natural Harbour facilities it possesses.

As a mark of remembrance of the war Marthanda Varma Maharaja erected the war Memorial at Colachel Port in a single stone with the height of 15 ft in during the year 1741. and the buildings in the same campus i.c, Light House, Customs, Court buildings are not at all still maintaining, since the area is under the control Indian Army. Moreover this town is declared as a Heritage Town by the State Govt. as per G.O. no.143 Housing and Urban Development Dept. on 20.05.2002. Now the Municipality is functioning in the building adjacent to the Bus stand in the Colachel – Nagercoil State Highways Road.

The Municipal jurisdiction extends over an area of 5.18 Sq.k.m. This Municipal limit consists of Colachel, and Kalkulam village. The population as per 1991 Census was 24305, 2001 Census  23787 and 2011 population is 23155. Above 50% of the area is seashore where the active fishermen solely depending on fishing for their livelihood. The rest of the population is engaged predominantly either in agricultural operations or agro-based industries and petty trades.

Council :-

This Municipality consists of 24 wards , 24 elected Councillors comprises of 16 General, 1 Women (SC), and 7 Women (G) members.

1 Name of the Municipality COLACHEL
2 Name of the Region TIRUNELVELI
3 Grade of the Municipality FIRST
4 Full Postal Address Main Road

Near Bus Stand

Colachel – 629 251

5 Phone Number 04651-226229


6 Email ID commr.colachel@tn.gov.in
7 Area of the Municipality 5.18 sq.kms.
8 Population (As per 2011 Census) 23227
9 Total No. of Wards  24
10 Total No. of House Tax Assessments 7957
11 Total No. of Water Supply Connections 4953
12 Total No. of Public Fountain   114
13 Total No. of OHT’s  11
14 Total No. of Bore Wells with Hand Pump 3
15 Total No. of Street Lights 1411
16 Total No. of Schools in Municipal Area      14
17 Total No. of Hospitals in Municipal Area 10
18 Total No. of Kalyanamandapam & Marriage Halls  10
19 Total No. of Industries  2
20 Total No. of Restaurant  2