Engineering Section

The Municipal Engineer is the over-all in-charge of Engineering Section.  Municipal Engineer is controlling the Assistant Engineer, Junior Engineer, Technical Assistant, Road Mazdoor, Electrical Superintendent, Wireman, Helper and Fitter working in the section. The Municipal Engineer looks after the maintenance, Street lights, Road laying, construction of building and drainage, Maintenance of parks, head works and municipal vehicles.  The other subordinate officers are assisting the Engineer to look after the above work.

Sl.No Name(Thiru/Tmt) Designation
1 Y.Surendran Municipal Engineer
2 B.Senguttuvan Assistant Engineer
3 Valli Assistant Engineer
4 Vacant Electrical Superintend
5 G.Elumalai Driver
6 P.Jayakumar Wireman
7 Vacant Wireman
8 Vacant Wireman
9 G.Babu Wireman
10 K.Ashokan Wireman Helper
11 Shafiyullah.N. Wireman Helper
12 Shanmugasaravanan.K. Wireman Helper
13 Saravanan.S. Electrician Gr-II
14 R.Pitchandi Electrician Gr-II
15 Vacant Engine Cleaner
16 Vacant Engine Cleaner
17 K.Narayanan Engine Cleaner
18 S.Sankar Rajan Fountain Cleaner
19 P.Sakthivel Market Watchman
20 S.Murugesan Reservoir Watchman
21 T.Perumal Reservoir Watchman
22 Vacant T.B.Watchman
23 Vacant Turn Cock
24 Vacant Turn Cock
25 K.Kumar Turn Cock
26 T.Sampath Turn Cock
27 Vacant Turn Cock
28 P.Govindarajulu Turn Cock
29 K.Murugan Watchman
30 B.Sheik John Basha Water Supply Helper
31 P.Gowthaman Water Supply Helper
32 D.Karthikeyan Water Supply Helper
33 P.Suresh Kumar Water Supply Helper
34 Vacant Bus Stand Watchman
35 M.Muthukumar Office Assistant
36 K. Subbiah Fitter bed Operator
37 Vacant Fitter bed Operator
38 S.Suresh Raja Fitter Gr-II
39 T.Karunakaran Fitter Gr-II
40 Vacant Fitter
41 Vacant Fitter
42 Vacant Fitter
43 Vacant Electrician-Gr-I