Places of Interest

Temples & Other interesting Places

1.Sri Gowmariamman Temple :

Sri Gowmariamman Temple at Veerapandi is located 15 kms from Chinnamanur. This temple attracts many pilgrims from Southern Tamilnadu. This 14 th century temple was built by the king ‘Pandya’. He is believed to have vision by praying the lord Sri Gowmariamman and Kanneeswaramudayar. The important festivels of Sri Gowmariamman Temple falls in May, are celebrated for 8 days with gaiety.

2.Saneeswarar (Saturn) Temple :
Saneeswarar(Saturn) temple at Kuchanoor is situated 5 kms away from Chinnamanur. Saturn or Saneeswarar is the main deity worshipped here. Here, he is also called ‘Kuchanooran’. This is the only temple in India, which means solely for Lord Saneeswarar, ie he is present in splendid isolation benefit of other planets. Saneeswarar is said to be a ‘Suyambu’ (self appeared idol). This temple attracts many pilgrims from all over India. Every year the festival is being celebrated on every Saturday of the Tamil month ‘Adi’.

3.Kannaki (Tamil Spinster Goddess) Temple:
The Kannaki Temple situated59 kms from Chinnamanur, in Tamil Nadu territory and 40 feet from the Kerala boundary. Kannaki Temple is also known as Mangala Devi Temple.  Kannaki is the heroine of Tamil literature ‘Silapathikaram’, written by Tamil poet Ilango Adigal. After Kovalan’s death, Kannaki curses the city of Madurai, which brought such a calamity on her. As soon as she utters the curse, the city goes into flames. After the destruction of Madurai, to prove her spinster she walked towards west of Madurai and left her final breath in the top. On her memory in that place, the then Tamil King Cheran Chengutuvan erected this temple. From then, Tamils worshipping the Goddess Kannaki, in the month of every April – May on full moon day (‘Chitra Powrnami’).

4.Suruli Falls :
Suruli falls is located 21 kms south from Chinnamanur. It falls from a height of 150 feet gathers in to a pool. The dense forest that surround it provides spectacular sight of natures beauty. The special feature of the fall is water flows throughout the year. The holy water is said to cure several incurable diseases. The beauties of Suruli falls and Suruli hill are mentioned in the Tamil epic ‘Silappathikaram’. Surli Andavar temple known as Suruli Velappar Temple situated here is also attracts more pilgrim

5.High wayvis: 
It is situated 38 Km east from Chinnamanur. Highwayvis is a town Panchayat, which consists, Manalar, Upper Manalar and Maha Raja Mettu as its Hamlets. This is 7000’ Height from sea level and fully covered by Private Tea estates. It is a best place for visit in all time of the year.

6.Thekkady :
Thekkady is situated 44 kms north from Chinnamanur at the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It is a reservoir surrounded by forest. As this forest is a sanctuary of animals like elephant, sambar, wild boars, bison and we can have a closer look at animal while boating. The sanctuary offers an enchanting view of the wild life by taking a boat trip in the lake. Jungle walks can also be interesting. The best time to visit between September and May.